The State Administration for ndustry and Commerce on the network and selling companies fined for ba

The State Administration for ndustry and Commerce on the network and selling companies fined for ba


technology news March 9th noon news, the three meeting of the twelve National People’s Congress held news at 11 pm today press conference, invited the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Secretary Zhang Mao and foreign reporters to answer questions. Zhang Mao answers to questions related to the reform of the commercial system, but also to answer questions about antitrust investigation, online shopping and other Internet related topics.

Zhang Mao said that last year, SAIC led the drafting of the State Council on promoting fair competition in the market to maintain the normal order of the market, and actively implement. Further strengthen the anti-monopoly and anti unfair competition law enforcement. So far, the national industrial and commercial systems were investigated in 47 monopoly cases, 21 have been closed, the other is under investigation.

for the problem of online shopping fakes, Zhang Mao said, I think, one is to accelerate the construction of the rule of law in this regard. Because the laws and regulations are lagging behind, SAIC has issued a network transaction management approach, but not perfect, we are now actively promoting e-commerce legislation. Second, improve the regulatory approach."

on selling fake things on Taobao, Zhang Mao said: the most fundamental solution to this problem is to strengthen the sense of corporate integrity, the establishment of enterprise credit system. If the sale of counterfeit goods, infringement of intellectual property rights, it is necessary to have a record. After the record, it will enter the enterprise credit files, its business activities will be restricted. Strengthen the enterprise’s credit self-discipline consciousness, establish the credit system of the whole society, can be said to be one of the solutions to this problem."

Zhang Mao believes that the relevant government departments, including the Department of industry and Commerce in the daily supervision, for the fake and shoddy products should be severely punished, to make these enterprises pay a higher cost than the cost of selling counterfeit and shoddy goods. Overall, the cost of illegal payment is too low, so there are so many illegal phenomenon. If you increase the cost of illegal, so that enterprises can not afford even to run restricted everywhere, even the penalty was bankrupt enterprises. In this case, we can have a fundamental improvement in the order of the market, these fake and shoddy products can gradually disappear, infringement of intellectual property rights can be reduced." (Shang Zi)

below for Zhang Mao talked about antitrust investigation, online shopping and other fake Internet topics:

Qilu Evening News reporter:

in July 28th last year, 9 provinces and cities hundreds of law enforcement officers of Microsoft Corp in the 4 premises in mainland China conducted antitrust raids, to pass the business sector to maintain a strong signal of market order. I would like to ask the director Zhang, industrial and commercial departments have taken measures to promote fair competition and maintain market order? This year, the business sector will be on large multinational companies operating in China anti-monopoly law enforcement? Thank you.

Zhang Mao:

referred to the work done by the General Administration of industry and Commerce in the anti-monopoly. SAIC is a member of the antimonopoly Committee of the State Council

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