Jingdong 3C digital shopping festival million bags 50 percent off grab Carnival uninterrupted

Jingdong 3C digital shopping festival million bags 50 percent off grab Carnival uninterrupted

April 7th, Jingdong 3C Shopping Festival officially kicked off, and as an important business department of Jingdong 3C, intelligent digital launched new tricks, invite you to hi purchase Carnival! During the event, intelligent digital Jingdong launched a total of 100 thousand digital bags, each bag contains 9 types of digital goods across the flat, network equipment, camera accessories, 3C Home Furnishing, intelligent multiple pieces, a total of 1 million items, 50 percent off cap, promotion bags rush tickets There was no parallel in history.!, so don’t miss. In addition, from April 11-17 for the digital category, for every category has exclusive benefits; from April 18-20 for the digital climax, the whole category on price; on April 21-26, an ex gratia uninterrupted. This digital festival, let you take advantage of uninterrupted!

tablet category day limit 50 percent off seconds

from April 12th to 13, the Jingdong 3C Shopping Festival on the tablet category, 50 percent off seconds limit, explosion tablet every 1000 minus 200! The explosion, in this kind of ultra premium tablet, small stature, strong performance of the 2 iPad Mini price is only 1749 yuan. In addition, there are 30 percent off flat plate unlimited sale of, Surface full range of products per full discount of less than $100 to enjoy your surprise.

3C peripheral, entertainment video coupons play big

April 14th and 16 is the trend of accessories and video category day, the trend of the highest headphones straight down $1000, SONY explosion headset limit of 50 percent off. And Jingdong involved in 3C accessories spike can enjoy a full 199 minus 50, full of minus 100 discount of 399. Beats UrBeats In-Ear Earphones market value of 598 yuan, can enjoy 12 ious interest free, no pressure, easy to start. In addition, the category of day, audio ten brands including Beats, Sennheiser, SONY, SKG, JBL, PHILPS, Jabra, Hivi, saunterer iron triangle, with the price! More customized version of PHILPS Xu Wei exclusive headset Jingdong started in the same period,

not to be missed!

smart living museum full 399 minus 200 God surprise

April 15th and 17 is the intelligent category day, which is the day of the smart living museum shopping can participate in the full 399 minus 200 of the ticket sweepstakes. 17, the intelligent equipment over 1000 minus 100, buy storm mirror, but also from the island tour! At the same time, the brand of high-end intelligent network industry Netgear, 20 anniversary of Thanksgiving, explosion of a single product the highest straight down 900 yuan, and enjoy 12 preferential interest free.

multi category Festival ceremony upgrade explosive half off grab

April 18th to 20, 3C Shopping Festival Officially ushered in the climax. Including tablet, audio and video, video, intelligent devices, etc., a variety of categories will open 3 days and 3 nights of crazy big activities of the 72 hours!

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