The electricity supplier Twelve promotion is chicken ribs or snacks

The electricity supplier Twelve promotion is chicken ribs or snacks

is still in a lot of online shopping for "double eleven" package, the last one electricity supplier promotional holiday "shuangshier" this year came to the front of the consumer. Although Taobao is the flagship of the "shuangshier" business holiday, but the electricity supplier also has a lot of "heckler" to join, hope for a successful conclusion of 2013 New Year paintings. But after a year of various promotion activities, whether from the perspective of the electricity supplier or from the consumer perspective, "shuangshier" promotional hot rhythm major promotional activities and not obviously than earlier.

sprint promotional efforts are not small

as a supplier of promotional Festival sponsored by Taobao, Taobao small sellers on the "participation of twelve is particularly critical. According to Taobao data statistics, as of the evening of December 10th 18:00 to shut down the entrance sign, there have been 2 million 110 thousand sellers to enroll in the Taobao "shuangshier" year-end celebrations, a record. In December 12th, after the start of zero promotions, only 15 minutes to open the door to achieve the sale of the 500 thousand sellers, and in the last year, the seller turnover until the morning of 12 to reach the point of 10. After 15 hours, the seller turnover number climbed to 2 million this year, nearly all the registration number of sellers, far more than last year turnover of the total number of sellers "shuangshier". sellers operations director Chen Hongliang in an interview with Nanfang Daily reporter said, will continue to adhere to the zero threshold standard began last year in this year’s "Twelve activities, hope more sellers to participate in the" shuangshier "of the national carnival.


in addition to vigorously promote the "shuangshier", other electricity providers also borrow "shuangshier" to do the final sprint for this year’s sales tasks, QQ online shopping platform two easy fast network, electricity supplier’s Tencent has taken the linkage model in this year’s "shuangshier" promotion. To half off bags of mail and "hundred regiments" in the QQ online shopping, fast and easy network also launched large-scale promotional activities for a period of five days, according to reports, the Tencent will be more "shuangshier" business goals in the amount of 800 million yuan of orders, 1 million orders. It is worth noting that the new "WeChat specials" in use "shuangshier" momentum yesterday launched a high-profile, greatly expanded in the number of categories of goods and goods while shopping experience design is also improved. Consumers enjoy the previously featured product stores with minimalist shopping process at the same time, you can also choose to click to view product details and parameters, convenient for consumers to more fully understand the situation of the goods, better goods to buy their own love.

"chicken ribs" or "dim sum"


face the end of the last business promotion Festival, many businesses bluntly said in an interview with reporters: "shuangshier" is a piece of chicken ribs, tasteless gesture."

in this regard, the industry analysis, from the perspective of business: on the one hand, the "double eleven" fight promotional efforts to let the enterprise vitality, "shuangshier" next to "double" (Christmas, new year’s day), "

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