My gray income month receives 5W RMB

My gray income month receives 5W RMB

I called the net, he is little, but it is a veteran, registration has been a time only diving, ha ha! No nonsense direct things seriously

simple about the garbage station SEO and money making ideas

1 do not mention the technology, I will not program, the same as the realization of the monthly income 3-5Wdo not despise the technology, just to see the rookie to let them know that as long as the method is right, who can succeed

2 example: the address is not to say that I hate the AD suspects now BAIDU and GG in front of the pornographic words are used in my version of the picture + spam keyword +FLASH jump

3 practice: only for my practice dumpster a page 10-30 I had to do is pornographic words you can despise me

4 send their own 10-30 keyword URL connection

5 luck: luck is the key is to emphasize 10 stations have 1-2 good luck this shows the many benefits of corn

6 waiting included

7 advertising settings to do the registration of pornography to do the movie to do the music to do the ring download this is not to say that the main emphasis on the theme of the site to be combined with advertising or do not know how to sell cabbage

8 collection who said that the collection of data on the IP can be more than a dozen Cabbage loss of word loss

SEO is so simple I just do so why I open this information because of China’s big these can’t let me a person to earn so secret is not necessary

about the above 7 rookie point as long as you follow my request 100% did not return     I dare say I can go into Chinese Cabbage

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