Suning open platform to grab the entrance of the first investment is not open to individual business

Suning open platform to grab the entrance of the first investment is not open to individual business

BAT, who is the most easily overlooked Chinese Internet giant?.

from the beginning of Su Ningyun’s name (002024.SZ), June 8th "line with the price, and then to 12, the upcoming open platform strategy, Suning is accelerating the pace of transition to Internet retailing.

Suning is not a traditional retailer, nor an electricity supplier; but an Internet retail business." Su ningyun, vice chairman Sun Weimin told the "First Financial Daily" said in an interview, "we can not say to do e-commerce, also not only do physical stores, we put between the two together, open up third business models, called O2O business model."

connection between people and services

Suning in the semi annual report clearly pointed out that the second half of the company’s business development plan is to achieve full liberalization, establish a new benchmark for Internet retailing". According to the idea, Suning will provide open services from three aspects, namely the physical store platform, open platform for e-commerce and data resources, logistics resources open.

in a recent internal meeting, Suning officially issued a "comprehensive Internet roadmap", and put forward a series of measures on the actual layout, entrance opening capacity and resources, optimize the category and experience and innovation of the Internet culture, with a view to the next generation of O2O to establish the lead role of their own.

above Internet roadmap, first of all, on the basis of further optimization of the layout of the store, Suning will build a full range of Internet stores, build the biggest competitive advantage in O2O competition. Plans in the fourth quarter in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen and other cities launched a version of the Internet store in, and in the country to speed up the replication and promotion.

secondly, Suning will help stores around the country network to guide consumers in the new era of O2O shopping habits gradually formed. At the same time, speed up the layout of the home Internet portal, to provide a comprehensive solution for more families smart.

home appliance and retail Orient Securities senior analyst Guo Yang believes that at present, Su ningyun embrace the Internet most thoroughly in a traditional retail industry; for example, from the layout of the speed of Internet banking, have shown that the reaction has been the company for the trend of the integration of Internet and traditional industries more quickly.

Guo Yang said that in 2013 the report has seen the changes brought about by the improvement of business trends, such as the same store sales in the next line, the rapid growth of the line, the overall cost of decline, etc..

traditional retail industry is the core means of the development of the user, the channel was the world; the first element of the Internet era of competition is the entrance, the entrance was the world. Suning comprehensive transformation of the Internet, is to make clear the strategic direction for the entrance, the commanding heights of the occupation of O2O.

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