Baidu Nuomi 517 chowhound Festival perspective of big data has become a new model of third support g

Baidu Nuomi 517 chowhound Festival perspective of big data has become a new model of third support g

[Internet marketing has been developed to create Festival era. In May 17th this year, Baidu has been defined as "chowhound day". Since it is a festival, naturally no gimmicks. Baidu Nuomi is the big data this card. In this paper, the author takes Baidu Nuomi as an example, we analyze the application of big data, based on the O2O group buying site is how to bring convenience to users through data. [



May 17th, homophonic I want to eat, this time of the year is eyeing Baidu Nuomi, launched 517 chowhound day. From May 16th to 18 in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xi’an, Xiamen, the city of 5, the use of Baidu big data to screen the user’s attention to the characteristics of dishes, find the most authentic local TOP10 restaurant. Active 9:17 to 20:17 every day, hundreds of dishes sold at 5 dollars and 1 cents seckill 7 cents.

to tie in with the event, Baidu also launched a number of 5 cities in the country around the authentic restaurant Top10 list. For example, in Beijing there are spicy, stewing, hamburger, Hand-Pulled Noodle and other dishes, for these dishes, the launch of Baidu Nuomi Beijing Hand-Pulled Noodle TOP10 restaurant to eat the best, the most authentic Luzhu TOP10 restaurant.

big data: support the third modes of food and beverage group

at present, the food group mainly includes the United States mission, public comment, Baidu Nuomi, but the three drivers are different.

U.S. group is a typical transaction driven model, the business is relatively simple, mainly from the sale of profit trading commission. As the user base starting stage of the lack of other business accumulation, the U.S. group is through its strong operational capabilities, gain a competitive advantage, thus occupy half of the country group purchase industry, this is the advantage of the U.S. group, is also a disadvantage of U.S. group, after all, operational capabilities can be copied.

public comment is a typical mode of information driven, relying on the accumulation of its early business review information, public comment to expand the group buying business, and has become a major source of public comment. The leading advantage of the public comment in the reviews of information, on the one hand, its accumulated business resources, the other party has accumulated a user base, which laid the foundation for the development of group purchase business, but a review of the business is focused on a second tier city, which caused a large gap between the group purchase business in the operation ability and beauty group.

glutinous rice network after the acquisition of Baidu has been supported by funds and traffic, a stable position in the market to buy. At the same time, Baidu with its own technical strength, for the development of new data driven rice model. The 517 section chowhound on this model can be seen as "big training".

The so-called

is data driven, relying on Baidu users to search data, geographical location, through the comprehensive analysis of the data, extract valid data for a particular object, operation and promotion and related products in order to assist the. In conjunction with the catering business of O2O, >

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