Search room to push the world’s new room affordable housing to build a fair and honest short rental

Search room to push the world’s new room affordable housing to build a fair and honest short rental

recently, SouFun holdings’s largest online short rental platform to visit the world short rental network ( officially issued a room security housing listings. It is understood that the "housing security" housing is travel the world for short rent in China facing the development of user experience, credit system and other issues, to the "real price, ensure that there is room, no real payment" for the purpose, to promote the website user experience, create new products, fair and honest online short rental platform launched the. Once launched, the majority of tenants are warmly supported and unanimously affirmed.

push room security upgrade user experience


survey shows that trust is always lie to rent a pass between the landlord and tenant in short, especially in the first transaction is particularly significant. Because of this, the tenant of the short rent service put forward higher requirements, there is room for affordable housing is a strong demand in the tenant under birth. According to reports, in the world of online short rental online display of " housing security " housing, the landlord promised the listings " real price, to ensure that there is room, no room payment ". Tenants in the reservation room, you can see a special " room security " tags, tenants are scheduled to be successful, you can enjoy the protection.


it is reported that the tour of the world launched the affordable housing listings mainly for tenants in the short rental process encountered in the reservation room can not stay, the landlord rent without reason, etc.. 1 Reservation: tenants can not stay on the same day, the landlord did not reserve the order room, and not for the tenant to provide the same room; 2 raised the rent: Tenant occupancy, landlord raised the rent without additional fees or require tenants pay a reservation is not agreed. "Housing security" housing security measures are as follows: 24 hours and 400 customer service phone security response; notice to the tenant without housing or temporary transfer of high prices, in addition to the landlord a full refund, and also to the tenant pays the appropriate amount of liquidated damages.

tenant landlord to create a win-win new mechanism

is the online short rental industry leader, travel the world short rental network has roots in the domestic short rental market, focusing on the platform user experience, is committed to providing more valuable accommodation for tenants, has high covering 360 city nationwide, providing more than 200 thousand sets of residential, apartments, villas, The Inn Boutique and courtyard houses. The user experience, credit system and other issues, carefully prepared after a period of time, officially released the "housing security" housing products, credit union website landlord to integrate a number of trusted short rent, and through specific measures to safeguard mechanism is implemented, provides a more safe and comfortable accommodation for there is a corresponding demand for tenants.

‘housing security’ housing products is the world tour following the ‘short rental insurance’ after the launch of the platform for the integrity of the system is another major move, is to achieve the tenant and the landlord a win-win new mechanism. SouFun

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