Jingdong Suning Gome price melee smoke bomb or really a sword

Jingdong Suning Gome price melee smoke bomb or really a sword

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14 am, Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong a micro-blog electricity supplier industry price war to a new climax. He announced that all electric Jingdong three years zero margin, all the power that is Suning and GOME stores at least 10% cheaper, and to Suning Gome store to ensure the implementation of the policy.

in addition to the physical store, Liu Qiangdong also extended the war to Suning online mall. He said that 15 am to start at the beginning of the year, Jingdong mall all the electricity prices are cheaper than Suning line on the line, and there is no bottom line cheap, if Suning dare to sell $1, the price of Jingdong must be 0 yuan.

in this regard, suning.com executive vice president Li Bin soon reply: "all the price of suning.com products including home appliances, and certainly less than any Jingdong, users found that suning.com price is higher than the Jingdong, we all will be price, and give feedback has purchased two times the price of compensation. 15 9:00, suning.com will launch in the history of the strongest promotional efforts."

at the same time, the United States also claimed not to avoid any form of price war. He Yangqing, vice president of the United States said that from 15 on the beginning of 9, Gome online mall across the board commodity prices will be lower than the mall Jingdong.

Why do you choose


as for the Jingdong mall why choose the category of electricity as the main battlefield of the price war. Liu Qiangdong explained that, because Suning Electric gross margin of up to 25%, that is to go to Suning store to buy a refrigerator of about $5000, Suning to earn $1250, while Jingdong can only add 150 yuan to sell. "We only have enough electricity price war space, even if the other category is a few dollars cheaper thing."

in fact, Liu Qiangdong slightly joking words, there is also a serious concern to Jingdong. A commercial power source said of sina technology, all electric high price of a single product, we choose power play price war will effectively promote the Jingdong customer price, sales rose sharply.

previously, Liu Qiangdong has repeatedly stressed the importance of the scale for the survival of Jingdong mall, he claimed that the 50 billion scale is the margin of safety of Jingdong.

in May this year, Jingdong executives had held a listing in Hongkong to promote the meeting, Jingdong mall disclosure, its revenue in 2011 was 21 billion 200 million yuan (including water platform of $26 billion 900 million). Jingdong mall plan is to reach 45 billion yuan in 2012 scale, in 2013 revenue of more than $70 billion.

Mai Zhehua investment management company partner Guo Kai analysis, Jingdong mall in the online market share is close to saturation, to continue to grow rapidly, the United States and the United States still have to buy Suning Suning Appliance to the internet.

"As long as

Jingdong than Gome Suning store price, and so let people understand this, to achieve the purpose of the." Guo Kai said that now the news has been significantly

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