Sophomore second half of the online part-time part-time novice said

Sophomore second half of the online part-time part-time novice said

Hello everyone, I am a dream 58 part of the webmaster dream network, almost half a year of part-time online experience. Gave me a lot of new experience and experience. Although did not make money, but let me have a new understanding of the Internet to make money.

we grew up in this network of society, with the continuous development of the Internet age, we seem to have been inseparable from the network. I think the future of mobile Internet will become an important part of our lives. Look at the millions of millionaires in China and the world. Most of them are developed on the internet. The rapid development of e-commerce, it can be said that the Internet has become a place for people in the new century gold rush. This trend we certainly can not stand, or indifferent.

from a rural Gansu out two years ago I almost utterly ignorant of the network. Even when the high school is only Tencent qq. However, when I contacted the Internet, he was deeply attracted by the magic and great. Freshman has his own computer and then began to explore the Internet (I am not interested in the game, so I basically go up is to browse the web page) from that time I know the Alibaba, know Taobao. Oh that is really a bit embarrassed!! but when I know that after I asked a man in our dormitory, Alibaba is? He said with a smile is not on the street of Xinjiang Alibaba on? I was listening to smile. But I did not tell him that I want to date in our university must still do not know these people standing.

just said so much, in fact, I just want to tell the novice. When we are going to do part-time jobs on the Internet, we don’t think about money first. But how to understand the vast and complex network. We need to grasp the trend of the Internet and its development. I often look at some online celebrity information. Such as Baidu Robin Li, Tencent, Ma Huateng, and so on, and so on, celebrities, such as, and so on. Can not use Baidu every day do not know who these are created! I think such people do not want to online part-time.

because it is not interested in the network, how to make money? This is what I want to say second points: the first part of the Internet to understand it, he has a strong interest in


I don’t know some of the so-called celebrity Wangzhuan is correct. Such as now out of the SEO master for a long time, this man really let me admire. You know, in addition to those other stations I think Ma founder is a certain technology. I think as long as we like to have a part-time job on the Internet to understand the network of knowledge and technology, etc.. Because only to do their own practice. In order to find the secret to find inspiration, not to say that people are always mature in practice. So I said we should also learn to work part-time online money. There is a famous saying that technology is the iron rice bowl. In this way, even if we can not make money, there are harvest ah. So for a long time to say that he first taught to students is technology, and then teach how to get money to make money through their own experience more than half a year, we do click on the registration of the investigation of the new category

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