Network network with Hualong wine direct chain ecological alliance layout of the integration of onli

Network network with Hualong wine direct chain ecological alliance layout of the integration of onli

in December 10th, by the Hualong liquor supply chain management Limited by Share Ltd to host the first "wine direct chain eco League will start" and "Ten Star wine joint orders will be held in Harbin. Hualong wine direct founder Zhaishan, LETV holding vice chairman, network network CEO Li Rui, deputy chairman of Zhang Li convenience wine, wine is coming brewmaster network general manager Jia Jingfeng attended.


(Ten Star wine merchants jointly launched the wine direct chain ecological alliance)

, network network, brewmaster network, mpsj, COFCO Chateau Hui Ten Star Wine Co launched the "wine direct ecological chain alliance, network network CEO Li Rui as the representative announced strategic cooperation, build the strongest supply chain of goods and services platform curtain. At the same time, the Ten Star wine merchants joint order will also attract the active participation of local dealers in Heilongjiang.

Li Rui said that the wine industry in the supply side of the deepening of reform, the new economy, the popularity of air sharing online and offline integration intensifying, how to integrate upstream and downstream resources to build ecosystem symbiosis, sharing, win-win "is still the core competitiveness of the key. Hualong wine chain ecological alliance is an innovative attempt, but also represents the trend of the development of the wine industry competition and cooperation, will realize the sharing of resources, user dividends. For the network network, adding "wine to ecological chain alliance", not only enrich the types of channels under the line, is the exploration of online and offline integration of ecological business model in the northeast region of the test strategy.

with the "direct wine chain eco League" start, including network network, star traders will cater to the needs of the user selection of the northeast region, Wine liquor, liquor and other products to sell in the first platform of wine, wine star is a beneficial attempt to order. The afternoon of December 10th, the total inventory of ten have been listed or to be listed over 5 billion, the total sales of billions of star traders, have come up with products of concessions, attracted at all levels of Heilongjiang Province, city and county liquor dealers households involved, one is called the wine industry online Baotuan win-win event. It is reported that the annual net wine network selling a large single product strategy, Grote beer also rose Wine blockbuster debut orders, and has entered the wine direct platform system.

it is understood that the Hualong wine industry has strong competitiveness and the rapid growth of the brand Chinese wine industry chain, Hualong wine is its direct ecological direct purchase of O2O platform, provide the integration of online and offline supply chain service chain. Wine direct chain ecological alliance designed to rely on the platform of Hualong wine, joint star wine merchants, through the sharing of resources to achieve the depth of the supply chain integration. Conclusion extended eco League will achieve wine direct product category and SKU, power cut wine long circulation chain, high quality products will sink to direct the terminal chain through a chain of wine wine, "+" Internet online and offline Integration symbiotic new retail model, let the world wine fast direct users. >

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