Taobao shop several ways to purchase

Taobao shop several ways to purchase

1, from the manufacturer to purchase

products produced by the manufacturers, there is no intermediate links, so the price, quality are very attractive. However, manufacturers generally require a higher volume, suitable for Taobao’s big sellers, such as 53530tbw Taobao home page of those big businesses, for the owner is not suitable for. If you have a friend to do this, then you can consider the common stock, get the goods.


from the wholesale market

this is the most common way to purchase. Similar businesses in the wholesale market, fierce competition, so you can do more than three goods. But also because of too many businesses, resulting in jumbly, uneven in quality, so the owner must have basic knowledge of purchase, in order to make the risk to a minimum.

3, looking for independent wholesalers purchase

usually when we search the Internet, or go to Alibaba and other sites, you can find these independent wholesalers. However, like manufacturers, they are generally only large quantities, so suitable for large dealers.

4, looking for opportunities to enter some inventory products

these products if you can get into the good, there will be a high profit margins. These stocks are generally manufacturers eager to clear away, so the price can be very low pressure. Of course, the time to buy to pay attention to distinguish is not inferior.

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