Dongsheng retain old customers = increase wealth

Dongsheng retain old customers = increase wealth

Internet era, network marketing has been perfected. However, even the best network marketing, if unable to retain old customers, it is no good. A lot of people just go to the study of new customers into the skills and methods, the old customer marketing strategy has no clue, even lost the old customers. Today, I will talk to you and Dongsheng chat: how to do a good job in the marketing of old customers

old customers are actually the most important part of the enterprise resources. Create a store that is usually the first year guaranteed raising customer, the customer to develop the old customers, the formation of recycling consumption adhesion, to gain more benefits, especially as some location relatively remote old, just keep the number of customers from beginning to end in the thousands, but they live well, old customer marketing strategy is also essential.

so, how many customers can do the old customer marketing?

some people say that I have too few customers, not suitable for old customer marketing. In fact, as long as there are 300 customers, you can begin to do the old customer marketing. But many people think that the customer base is too small, did not effect. I personally feel that Dongsheng is not correct, people with this idea, can only say that you are doing the old customer strategy when the wrong way.

believe that many people say that when the customer retention: "customer retention is very simple, I go to order a customer management software market today, then the intention of editing a text, it is good." If we do that, it will be very tragic. Perhaps this means of marketing in 07 years 08 years is slightly, but with the development of network marketing, constantly updated, the old idea has no best marketing effect.

I am an Dongsheng based on her own experience, summed up: how old customers have secret method of transactions in communication. Now, free to tell you, we have to communicate with the old customer turnover, how to make the most effective results?

first step: clear contact with the reasons for the old customers

Why is

looking for old customers: is the recent decline in the performance of the old customers of the decline in the rate of the boss wants you to do promotion?

for each different reason, will cause us to change some of the content of the time with the customer, as well as choose to communicate with the old customers of different groups.

a lot of businesses, often a shot forehead just say, I’m going to do the old customer marketing, then put all the customer list out, a message is sent in the past, think this is the old customer marketing. In fact, is completely mistaken, because you even people are not clear, people did not understand the demand, how are you going to meet them? So you want a good summary of the first point: what are you looking for reasons for old customers? What do you want what part of the old customers


second step: for old customers to develop marketing strategies

don’t be stingy with old customers, compared to new customers

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