Ma behind Juhuasuan’s worries about the value of Taobao system defects

Ma behind Juhuasuan’s worries about the value of Taobao system defects

Ma Yun, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba

and make the estimation of heart disease.

this week, Juhuasuan earthquake brought Taobao the second corruption Secrets Exposed to the sun. Ali group admit that there are problems, lift the company responsible for the duties, dismissal from employees, following the early B2B fraud incident, once again, all the tears have been guagu.

this storm, may expose the problem of corruption in the system of Taobao. It is a huge gold deposit, the underlying Taobao "second" have more resources disposition. In the face of temptation, Ali seems to be the value of furnishings. Ma had to send a number of internal mail transfer anxiety, I do not know how to explain this.

Juhuasuan: "second" anti-corruption corruption

March 5th evening, a former Ali Department on micro-blog notice Juhuasuan to the earthquake".

answer the next day announced. Ali group announced that in order to promote the healthy and transparent operation of Juhuasuan’s business, Juhuasuan, general manager of the office of the general manager.

everything suddenly. Yan Limin also talked about micro-blog in the morning afternoon he was sacked development vision. As Taobao dazzle in Vanity Fair, Juhuasuan the changes to make the industry’s attention.

Ali Group official said, Juhuasuan team management and institutional norms is lagging behind, since the middle of last year, according to the investment process is not standardized, "second" seeking illegitimate interests spate of reports. After the Ali department, the compliance department and other departments joint investigation, has found that part of the facts are true, part of the "second" serious violations, or even violate the law. As the person in charge, Yan Limin has an important management responsibility, must be responsible for this.

is called "second" Ali group for all employees, but business is generally considered to communicate directly with them, management, service staff.

A number of Taobao

eco businesses within describes some common "second" corruption to the newspaper. Such as bribery in the "second" asylum, many sellers and even well-known Amoy brand won the quality inspection report, but the goods are fake or genuine doping is.

common is the "second" compensation for the abuse of power. Juhuasuan provides quality inspection report, submit sample test, the price must be lower than the lowest scale Taobao sales and other activities reporting conditions, but to the conditions, but when businesses can decide by 2.

during the formation of a huge rent-seeking space. In order to Juhuasuan, some businesses to provide a "second" bribery, the latter provide more opportunities.

a Taobao merchant said that after they have been submitted to the application criteria 10 times, but has missed the event. They have even played the plight of the brand, mail application samples write "this is the × × application", "second", but has not yet moved to see some businesses in the short term will easily repeatedly on Juhuasuan.

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