On the survival path of professional B2B

On the survival path of professional B2B

is a China Auto Parts Supplier Manager, Huang Yiqun recently appeared care-laden. Because the other side of the quottiressafeguardquot. Make auto parts trade war seems to raise a Babel of criticism of, so that the market downturn triggered at any moment, even worse, will Huang Yiqun export-oriented suppliers like into a dilemma. According to his calculations, if the situation is not good, is likely to lose more than half of exports, but now, we must pay close attention to expand sales channels, to nip in the bud."

auto parts industry known as the "gold industry" in the entire automotive industry chain, both the front-end or back-end manufacturing, maintenance, all cannot do without the support of auto parts. Therefore, the industry’s sales and profit margins even more than the vehicle manufacturing industry. Especially after 2000, with the domestic electronic technology and high-end manufacturing level, Chinese auto parts auto parts supplier maturity, transmission bearing, special instruments such as the start of manufacturing Chinese renowned, the birth of a large number of export-oriented auto parts suppliers. By 2008, the export of related fields has been more than 30 billion u.s..

in addition, according to the relevant statistics show that China’s tens of thousands of auto parts suppliers have more than 1/3 fully focused on export business, a single channel, the lack of anti risk ability. In the 4 quarter of 2008 as an example, the impact of the international financial crisis, the three big markets — auto parts exports dump 28%~40% Asia, North America and Europe, many suppliers had not nearly shut down, Occident auto industry rescue plan, China auto parts supplier may even encounter collective bankruptcy.

now, with the recovery of the car market, everyone’s day a little better. But the impact of the decline in external demand, according to the Ministry of Commerce statistics, this year 1~7 month, auto parts exports amounted to only $8 billion 440 million, a year-on-year decrease of 30%. After the special case, many countries have started to pay attention from the Chinese output auto parts trade war haze began to cover the China auto parts supplier, which will undoubtedly make the Chinese auto parts manufacturers in one disaster after another.

, as far as I know, colleagues are planning to respond to further expand sales channels. You know, whether it is exported to domestic sales, or continue to open up foreign markets, we need to work hard in this regard." Huang Yiqun told reporters, in order to quickly and efficiently build channels, there are more and more businesses will hope on auto vertical B2B website.

sellers desire resources

there is no doubt that Huang Yiqun had such choice has sufficient reason for them, and the auto industry’s characteristics are closely linked.

at present, there are tens of thousands of automotive parts, even the same components, there are many different standards and processes. Choose what kind of technology which standard products, all depends on the buyer’s brand, model and design requirements to determine, therefore, the complexity of the auto parts trade is much higher than many other industries.

therefore, broad, simple

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