E-commerce do not need to worry about the four points low conversion rate

E-commerce do not need to worry about the four points low conversion rate

The transformation of

electronic commerce website rate has been very concerned about the problem of e-commerce enterprises, the conversion rate refers to the number of transformation during a certain period divided by the number of clicks, the conversion rate in foreign countries some as high as 30%, while in China, the conversion rate of 3% has been very great, and when the Jingdong is 1%. If the the establishment of Taobao is start of e-commerce, then as now, e-commerce development in China is less than 10 years, obviously, improve the conversion rate of e-commerce in this, we still have much room for improvement. Next I will use my personal opinion from the website itself, the website user, the website product as well as establish the brand four aspects to share with you how to improve the conversion rate of e-commerce website.

1, the site itself

(1) website title

from the establishment of e-commerce sites that moment, the site has a positioning, and how to accurately and accurately convey the positioning of the target to the target customer is crucial. Here need to market, user habits, such as comprehensive analysis of the index flow data to get a suitable title.

(2) website content

from the user’s browsing habits, site of the upper left corner is the most conspicuous place, followed by the left vertical, then the diagonal line should be reasonable to use this position to place some users most want to see this information, to make a decision from the perspective of the user needs analysis, rather than something you think the user needs, not through the analysis, it’s more just wishful thinking.

(3) site traffic

a good e-commerce companies should set up a strong SEO team, reasonable use technology by Baidu to obtain as much as possible the flow of resources, such as keywords, long tail keywords optimization, PPC, various linkbait etc..

(4) user experience


user experience is one of the key factors which decide whether the user orders, including the site of the open speed, design of the website is beautiful, the commodity arrangement is reasonable, the purchase process is convenient, customer service and logistics convenience and so on many aspects.

(5) certification authority certification

trusted site authentication, 360 security center certification, integrity of the site authentication and online transaction security center certification, etc., because only the user’s trust, the user will order.

2, website user

(1) demand

your site’s positioning of the user groups need to meet the conditions of the first is the demand for your products, with the need to stimulate their desire to buy.

(2) purchasing power

the location of your site’s user groups should meet the second conditions are rich in purchasing power, there is a need

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