Decline as high as 60% easy to low prices and high quality

Decline as high as 60% easy to low prices and high quality

easy to cut prices! Many commonly used car travel have recently felt a big surprise". Easy to car recently announced that its 56 national city car prices across the board, plus the pending prepaid cash back activities, the overall decline of up to 60%, the price is far lower than the other car or even a taxi. Limousine service, affordable price, not only by the old users, more to attract a lot of people long coveted car.

said the price, the most benefit is of course the ordinary consumers, and in the cold winter, go out to sit and comfortable and warm the car too happy. The easy to price range is very large, but also the country’s 56 cities simultaneously. Data statistics, easy to use the national average decline of 20%, of which the lowest decline of 8%, the highest decline of up to 30%. It’s cheaper than a taxi.

it is understood that in the successful D round of financing after the car is easy to increase in strength, continue to launch a series of activities, last month has just launched "how much return charge" is almost equivalent to half off vehicles, attracting a large number of users to recharge the car enthusiasm. The national price cuts, but also in the driver, passengers and the industry set off a small wave.

it is easy to car relevant responsible person said, was easy to positioning in the high-end business market, its high-quality limousine service to obtain the user approval, and now up to 60% of the decline, on the one hand, old user feedback, on the other hand, let more users in the low-cost travel at the same time, it can be easy to high-quality professional service in order to enjoy. At the same time, in the D round of financing after the LETV to join, the two sides plan to launch the ecological car free, and easy to take in the future users can also enjoy the music of all peripheral products, even more scenes of life service.

calculate a bill:

to Chengdu’s economic model as an example, according to the 10 km 20 minutes to calculate, easy to take before the user needs to spend about 38 yuan, the price of only 29 yuan, plus easy to charge the actual return to half off discount, only 14.5 yuan. And the same mileage taxi will need to spend about 25 yuan. Another example first-tier cities Shanghai comfort models to 16 km, 20 minutes for the unit, before the price for 101 yuan, plus half off after only 40 yuan, much lower than other car software on the market.

comfort car prices in Shanghai

comfort car prices in Beijing

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