Vegetables can be developed into the 020 mode

Vegetables can be developed into the 020 mode

today I saw a very interesting news, let vegetables learn the Internet, or to kill the traditional vegetables? Probably read it, I saw a new term is 202, I think some webmaster for the 020 mode is not very understanding, but we are still very familiar with this type of site. For example, 58, handle network and so on, this is the first of the 020 mode.

020 English is Online To Offline, which is an online transaction, line service, the marketing effect can be monitored. So do 020 mode is not so easy, more difficult than open a shop. There are two kinds of products 020 models, like a public comment, for public comment, we are not unfamiliar, for example, we came to a strange place to eat, accommodation, we can open the, then we will choose consumption. Another product is a variety of buy, there are some stores discount coupons, and so on, these have common features, I hope there are more people to spend, so as to tap their own loyal customers!

so this model is suitable for the vegetables industry?

e-commerce development in recent China very rapidly, many industries have joined the electricity supplier in this industry, so we can buy many kinds of things on the Internet, I must admit that it has changed our life, but also bring us more convenient, do not go out to buy something you want to buy, but the electricity supplier for the traditional industry is a shock! But this is the emergence of new things really can completely replace


if the vegetables added fresh electricity supplier industry, it is to learn the Internet or direct selling vegetables thoroughly the traditional vegetables destroyed? Fresh electricity supplier industry development is not very mature, this is a very slow industry, so that not easy success, in fact I think some industry is not very for in the online business, especially fresh vegetables, because this is a set of time, if the vegetables for the development of online vegetables company, the only electricity supplier vendors camouflage. There is also a possibility, but need to spend a lot of money to find a production base, logistics poly Road, set up outlets throughout the country, making it an industrial chain. If the vegetables into Taobao, then this is not the 020 mode, still did not change


how to make vegetable become the 020 mode developed, it seems not so easy, in front of the are some very real problems, the 020 mode now, we may take longer, but as long as entrepreneurs based on the fresh market, then

can be successful!

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