Go hand in hand with the city traffic deep Wowo group purchase stores

Go hand in hand with the city traffic deep Wowo group purchase stores

market cooperation with Wo Wo Group has opened a new chapter of the group purchase group purchase business market, Wo Wo Group rely on to provide talent shows itself the traditional service industry, and give up the market to snatch ganji.com group purchase plan to focus back to the classification of information, and to create a short rental business. But the group purchase is the essential business for classified information website, so go to the market and our cooperation is a win-win move. Classification information website needs to dig "city traffic" value, and may be the first line of group purchase website super stores to seek cooperation. (text / Wang Liyang)

ganji.com hand Wo Wo Group win-win move

ganji.com cooperation with Wo Wo Group opened a new group purchase group purchase business situation, is necessary for classified information website, but is not the focus of business, Ganji choose Wo Wo Group cooperation is a win-win cooperation. Ganji is classified information website, service in various city Internet users, while Wo Wo Group is a service to every city to the next line of business as the main business, so Wo Wo Group in each city of service businesses and ganji.com in various city service users is the combination of complementary cooperation.

classified information website should dig the "city traffic" value

once wrote suggestions for classified information website Wo Wo Group stores, but now Ganji choose to cooperate with Wo Wo Group, is also a good choice. Classified information website on all kinds of information, but also caused a flood of information phenomenon, and not focus on prominent website, at a glance what classification information of the web site, but when to find the information you need and feel not enough authority, which may be large and all the ills. Thought of classified information website with accurate "city traffic", the "city flow" into effect, but they have been unable to focus on the development of city value the depth of excavation, but Wo Wo Group dig out the city service industry value. Wo Wo Group has made a reputation in the service industry on the other group purchase group purchase website, follow up is also very difficult to overtake Wo Wo Group, but the other group purchase website can also find another way.

online group buying site under the line super store

I have to buy a group of operators to make recommendations, it is recommended to buy the site to find the line of super stores to seek cooperation in the city". WAL-MART, Carrefour, Metro and other super stores has been introduced to the field of electronic commerce, but there are many other RT mart, Lianhua, Wumart, such as Tesco hypermarkets in electricity market action is not large, maybe they think that the electricity supplier does not meet the development of their planning, but the electricity supplier is the trend, they do not engage in electricity providers may suffer sooner or later. It is precisely because they do not do electricity providers, buy the site with the opportunity to seek cooperation with them, buy site can be online for the super store operations online services, to provide some promotional products store buy service. For the super store is concerned, they do not need to build their own electricity supplier site, more than one electricity supplier sales channels, but also through the website to promote a number of promotional activities. For buy site, more than >

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