The 19 floor of the mystery, who is the victim

The 19 floor of the mystery, who is the victim

19, mystery, who is the victim? A chance  this is the Hangzhou Express’s website and this is a personal website

means that there are 2 buildings in Hangzhou, and a lot of people will say that there is a real, there is a false. Are quick to feel his web site first began to face Internet users,.Com suspected infringement! I do not know why people here also took the 19 floor as the name of their website forum, but also registered a domain name.Com. And gathered their own characteristics to attract a lot of Internet users.

you see here also surprised, right? It is not difficult to analyze, had deep pocketed almost why only registered.Net is very simple, did not expect to now hot, and then not aware of a value of the domain name,.Com and.Net value of the pros and cons, who all know, do not say is a mistake soon.

and the.Com of the Internet users of his original intention is who do not know, but one thing can be sure that he is different with the general malicious registration. Because his 19 floor is a pure form of the forum, the content tends to style, unique personality. May the netizen is to create a 19 floor culture, of course I don’t know if there is a lot of users would want to go faster the 19 floor, the results went over there, there are a lot of people love him here so that no civilian, but what is true of the 19 floor.

In fact,

almost 19 buildings in Hangzhou’s influence is very large, because of strong media support behind, often there will be a report of Hangzhou’s newspapers, for it is these publicity and, since 06 years of business, almost 19 have gradually put on the floor the "times" mark! This is in the shadow of the powerful, the 19 floor? Although with the same name, but the name was quite orthodox, but always only bear infamy. I do not understand some in fact almost as such enterprises, not with such poor means, but unfortunately I see…… See the media on such a personal website, I think these blows for an ordinary Internet users, can not be said to be a kind of hegemonic oppression. I saw a lot of reports in Hangzhou, the Internet can not help but worry about it, from the past how to survive personal website, how to develop new media……

Here you will see the

is not bitter, want to reverse this frequently under pressure of.Com19 floor was on the brink of disaster, who is the victim?

again said Li Kui and Li Gui, almost as a business unit, will this.

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