Electricity supplier price war who will be the next electricity supplier giant

Electricity supplier price war who will be the next electricity supplier giant

from the initial Jingdong mall Suning Appliance provocation, Suning Appliance tough response, an electricity supplier price war began. Jingdong, Suning, Gome "War Within Three Kingdoms" – the electricity supplier war in the national home appliance industry stirred up a small storm, half a month later, seeing the price from the high-profile stand great in strength and impetus to pinch dormant, seems to have stalled. However, Tencent suddenly announced a high-profile, Tencent injected $1 billion to set up electricity supplier holding company, a large scale into the electricity supplier industry. Let the electricity supplier is about to extinguish the flames of war to burn up again. In this increasingly fierce electricity supplier war, we may think more, the next electricity supplier giant who will be


both in the Cold War era, and now the Internet era, any battle is to have long, Gongrenzhiduan. Let us take a look at Jingdong, Suning and Tencent have their own advantages.

Jingdong mall


mall from the e-commerce company in talent shows itself because of user experience, adhere to the quality, price, service, including these three items. From last 2004 to this year, seven years, the Jingdong annual products have expanded the mall, there have been no fake and smuggled goods, none at all. Over the past seven years Jingdong mall has maintained the price advantage. Some time ago, the media reported that Jingdong mall price advantage is not, forty percent of the price is not the lowest, but the price of a company is the lowest of the sixty percent. Compared with traditional stores, Jingdong mall sales of products to be much cheaper, an average of about 20%. The reason is very simple, and the traditional e-commerce online and offline business model is different, Jingdong mall no store, which brings the benefits of lower operating costs. On the service, Jingdong should also be the first to see the importance of logistics for China’s e-commerce companies, Jingdong is the only one did not take a lot of money to advertise, but do logistics. Logistics is the advantage of Suning appliance.


Although the Jingdong

mall in early realize the impact of logistics on the China e-commerce industry, but obviously in logistics, Suning has inherent advantages, can provide the experience or entity store delivery, can also participate in the distribution of physical stores exist, can let users feel more trust; at the same time, Suning stores in the country layout, means that it is in compliance with the national logistics system and the layout of the warehouse, and the Jingdong as an online mall, can not build more than Suning logistics center. Like Jingdong, Amazon and other B2C companies, usually only in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, the establishment of the three major logistics centers, in order to distribute the radiation based on the three points. Suning.com can make use of the store Suning Appliance in all parts of the country as a logistics distribution center, logistics advantages have richly endowed by nature.

Tencent easion

is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tencent business, easy fast people backing natural dare to play ", therefore also aggressively joined the electricity supplier war. >

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