How to rebuild the micro business Mobile social electricity supplier as well as everyone electricity

How to rebuild the micro business Mobile social electricity supplier as well as everyone electricity

lead: derivative

to rebirth?

from the heady to a serious decline in performance, through the micro business big reshuffle after the next opportunity in July 22nd, Hangzhou Railway Station? Weimob Day and the second session of the forum’s Micro micro into Hangzhou, to "micro business reconstruction" as the theme, micro founder and CEO Sun Tao Yong China invited three micro community and business leaders – founder Gong Wenxiang, Kuang Kuang Fuhui founder and bear would founder, vice president of public relations Zong Ning micro electric shock may, explore the direction of development of micro business predicament under.

micro providers is the traditional electricity supplier rebirth of the road

2015, micro business has become the most popular industry. Not only Suning, Gome and other traditional companies have entered the field of micro business, Ma Huateng in March to the micro business to give full recognition, even Ali also launched in April "Amoy shop" to seize the derivative market. Derivative industry be raging like a storm, but from the beginning of May, micro business suffered winter, various micro brand performance decline, the team split to the micro District, like a raging fire poured a pot of cold water.

has always believed that 2015 is the first year of the business micro micro founder and CEO Sun Taoyong believes that the second half of the micro business is just beginning, it will be wonderful but not flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, bloom! Derivative will guide the future business forms, to the sales channel mode will gradually become the mainstream. "We can take the derivative as" Internet plus direct ", this model shortens the link between producers and consumers, fast communication and organizational management using social media and the Internet platform."


founder and CEO

Taoyong sun micro

Sun Taoyong said that the traditional electricity supplier ten years of gold is coming to an end, to mobile social electricity supplier as the representative of the electricity supplier has come to the era of the 3, while the micro providers will be the most mainstream form of mobile social electricity supplier. Micro business is the rebirth of the traditional electricity supplier, with millet thinking to do the product, with micro business model to do marketing, is the next step in the traditional electricity supplier. Now, micro business team in addition to good service and interaction, how to make full use of micro V shop platform for full channel promotion, is the future trend of micro business.

micro developers need to develop standardized platform to support

from happy network to micro-blog, and then to WeChat, social networks from Web to mobile terminal, the product iteration cycle is also getting shorter. Circle of friends is scraper sellers criticized, micro business has bid farewell to more money to fast money profits "selling mask" era.

is known as the first cosmetics brand marketing Fuhui founder Kuang Kuang Fang pointed out that WeChat friends activity in the drop is now facing the cruel fact that micro business, but it can’t deny the circle of friends to do business. The industry downturn, a large micro team should pursue high cost of the product has an absolute advantage "".

micro COO fan Yan said, after the storm, the micro business insight the next outlet, in micro V>

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