WAL-MART calls the Chinese seller to set up shop this sincerity you give

WAL-MART calls the Chinese seller to set up shop this sincerity you give

"if you have a good product, cost-effective products, very welcome to be able to settle down to WAL-MART." August 30th, about 600 people in the scale of cross-border electricity supplier held by ChannelAdvisor Chang Road Sales summit, WAL-MART business platform business development director Tri Huynh said to the Chinese sellers here.

This is the WAL-MART

extremely rare to Chinese sellers "propaganda". Prior to this, although WAL-MART has third party seller platform, but the introduction of Chinese sellers is not active.

was a turning point in April this year, WAL-MART announced Chinese cross-border electricity providers ChannelAdvisor Chang Lu Pin partnership, which can help China merchants settled WAL-MART shop. Since then, WAL-MART began to accelerate the pace of investment in china.

electricity supplier business was Amazon rolling, WAL-MART finally awakened


as the U.S. retail industry leader, WAL-MART’s dominance is being robbed by amazon. Public data shows, the annual income of 480 billion yuan in 2015 WAL-MART, Amazon is close to 90 billion, the gap is very obvious, but the business electricity supplier, WAL-MART electricity supplier revenue of only $1 billion 200 million, less than the level of the Amazon in 2007.

and the number of third party sellers from the electricity supplier platform point of view, WAL-MART is a big cut off the amazon. Data show that as of July 2016, WAL-MART business platform for a total of about 550 third party sellers, while Amazon has nearly 200 million third party sellers, the number of goods provided by nearly 365 million, greatly exceeded the number of goods on the platform of WAL-MART.

WAL-MART has repeatedly revealed the intention to expand the seller. According to media reports, the current WAL-MART platform provides about 11 million kinds of products, and WAL-MART plans to add about 1 million new products to the platform every month.

seller although less, but also do not make

Although the

third party platform sellers rarely, but from the WAL-MART investment point of view, the seller is not "anything", instead of a higher threshold than other, more stringent audit platform. According billion state power network understanding, this investment is not for all WAL-MART China export sellers open, still by invitation system.

in addition, the current WAL-MART to accept a third party seller takes about six weeks, while Amazon and eBay only need one day.

according to the information provided by Tri Huynh to Chinese sellers, at present, WAL-MART settled for the seller has 5 basic criteria:

1, sales of electronics, clothing, home, sports and other categories of sellers;

2, there must be the United States Tariff, mature sellers have experience in each platform;

3, in the United States has overseas warehouse, a good after-sales service and logistics distribution, can provide a good customer experience;

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