Look from Ali 3 trillion, electricity supplier boundaries and future

Look from Ali 3 trillion, electricity supplier boundaries and future

March 21st, Hangzhou, Xixi lake, more than and 200 media to witness the Alibaba’s fiscal year 2016 electricity supplier turnover reached a historic amount of $3 trillion. This means that Alibaba in fiscal year (April 1, 2015 ~ March 31, 2016) is expected to surpass WAL-MART, the world’s largest retail platform.

3 trillion behind the meaning of extraordinary

is reported that this is the three Taobao, Tmall and Juhuasuan’s top 3 trillion businesses, the joint efforts of the 10 million active businesses and active buyers of 407 million. 3 trillion can be said to be a milestone in the results, it is necessary to know the global retail giant WAL-MART reached this figure took 54 years, while the Alibaba has only experienced a period of 13 years.


of course, the significance of the number 3 trillion is far more than this. 1/10, this is accounted for in 2015 the proportion of China’s total retail consumption of social goods, which is behind the huge contribution of Ali to the entire social economy of China, the 3 trillion. The reason why Ali can in a short span of over 3 trillion years to produce such amazing GMV transcripts, largely thanks to the electricity supplier demographic dividend and traditional businesses embrace the trend of the Internet transformation.


Ali, has provided more than 15 million direct employment opportunities for the community, including Taobao, Tmall online shop platform to provide employment opportunities for about 11000000, electricity supplier logistics jobs about 2000000 (of which only with rookie network collaboration courier amounted to 1 million 700 thousand), including service providers, such as Ali Amoy girl the ecological "new species" jobs.

this number is only the beginning of

despite the slowdown in economic growth in a short period of time, but China will continue to maintain the engine of global economic growth status, the electricity supplier is one of the important elements are pulling the Chinese economy to usher in a new round of revolution, and Ali, as the leading electricity supplier Chinese naturally become the fire front.

mobile market, rural markets and the international market may be the future of Ali electricity supplier. With the outbreak of the mobile Internet, Ali through building logistics, finance, cloud computing and other business infrastructure, through Taobao wireless, Tmall transform business entity, has been absorbed in the mobile Internet era of demographic dividend. A large number of rural population has not been involved in both ends of the electricity supplier industry, which means that the potential development of rural Taobao can be expected. The huge imagination of the international market, but also allow electricity providers began to seek the road to the sea.


in the entire Chinese market, accounting for 3 trillion of the total retail sales of social commodities, which means that there are as many as 90% of the market and the Internet has nothing to do with the. Ali CEO Zhang Yong seems that this is precisely the transformation of the line under the Tmall business, so that the opportunity to change the entity of the Internet business.

according to Ali’s goal, 3 trillion

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