Su ningyun is how to fully embrace the nternet.

Su ningyun is how to fully embrace the nternet.

In July 4th

mobile Internet Innovation Conference, Su ningyun vice chairman Sun Weimin made a line of enterprise how to embrace the Internet speech, the speech is very much to afford Mr. Sun dry cargo, a night train trip. This is the second time I listen to Mr. Sun’s speech, the last is at the end of March Analysys electricity supplier conference, his share is the transformation process of the traditional enterprise, then talked about the Internet thinking and the challenges of the mobile Internet, and this speech has been the transformation of Su ningyun as example to analysis, this is the dry cargo source.

2013 China Federation released the national top five hundred private enterprises in the list, Su ningyun ranked first, I think the five hundred strong rating is a comprehensive analysis over purely financial figures. The performance of Suning now does not have the public expect good, but in the transformation and upgrading of the exploration of Suning is obvious to people, and is very successful, but is not obvious, no wonder Mr. Sun to marriage has no children as ridicule Su Ning, there is a question of time.

don’t not much Syria, I have to share today is Su ningyun on line chains is how to fully embrace the Internet this topic, thank Sun Zong for sharing, let my readers to a more comprehensive understanding of Su Ningyun’s.

O2O on

Su ningyun source

O2O in the United States the development of electronic commerce for about 15 years was put out in 2010, the United States online shopping has not yet reached 10%, the social retail goods have reached 10%, there are no obstacles in the environment of Internet, network infrastructure, network payment and merchant network situation, why American Internet sales have been not exceed 10%? While the rest of the Internet has not been the 90% line of business is how to develop, and what is the future of


since the electricity supplier is very popular, can put the rest of the 90% business to line up? This is obviously not reliable, but the emphasis on business model the United States accounted for only 10% of the electricity supplier business situation is very harmonious, which means its moved to 90% business lines, but also consider how to to this part of the line transformation of the Internet based on the original mountain. For China’s electricity supplier in terms of 50% of the line to move to the online business is entirely possible, but there are still under the line of business in the next line of business should be how to do 50%, which is the source of Suning O2O ideas.

how to transplant the Internet to the store

want to transplant to the Internet store, the first thing to do is to format the transformation across the store, Su ningyun think to do the work of four:

1, to the store for wireless coverage overall, the necessity of WIFI is to specify "free WIFI" this remarkable details from now do not write the name shop group purchase;

2, the store display of goods based on the way of transformation, the establishment of electronic tag system, each piece of business.

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