YAHOO on Wednesday began to lay off thousands of employees will be affected

YAHOO on Wednesday began to lay off thousands of employees will be affected

        Beijing on April 3rd news, according to foreign media reports, the technology blog BusinessInsider writer Hierro Jay · (Jay Yarow) on Monday said the author, according to sources, YAHOO will officially start on Wednesday will have thousands of layoffs, YAHOO employees will be affected in the current round of layoffs.

said that YAHOO will begin to cut jobs in the United States on Wednesday, and began to lay off international business on Thursday. The layoffs are YAHOO CEO Scott · (Scott Thompson) on YAHOO’s part of a substantial restructuring strategy. Thompson had been in consultation with the company – Boston Consulting Group Inc (Boston Consulting Group) on layoffs to communicate.


in Thompson as chief executive of YAHOO, has said Yahoo substantial restructuring. Restructuring will occur mainly in YAHOO’s larger product sector, as well as the business sector is not competitive. For example, the public relations department, marketing department, R & D department, the marginal business sector, as well as some poor performance of the regional sector. Thompson had hired a Boston consulting firm to help YAHOO develop growth strategies to determine the best way to recover YAHOO.

said last week that YAHOO could lay off workers this week and thousands of employees will be cut off. In the following week, YAHOO is expected to announce a new restructuring plan. Thompson last week, YAHOO executives have convened a series of meetings to discuss the restructuring plan. After the discussion, the result is that YAHOO will take weight-loss measures to become a media and advertising business focus of the company, and the future will take a new plan, but the plan is not clear. The source pointed out that YAHOO has yet to finalize the restructuring plan.

had news that YAHOO’s layoffs will be very deep, mainly to reduce the product, research and marketing staff, whose ultimate goal is to cut thousands of employees. YAHOO currently employs nearly 14 thousand people, plus the number of contract workers is much higher. It is reported that YAHOO layoffs will not be completed once, because Thompson and other executives are still trying to figure out how to peel the advertising technology sector approach, and may be stripped of the search business. Thompson has been with Microsoft qualified Google to discuss the matter, but there are other possibilities. The total number of employees in the above YAHOO department is about 2500, which of these employees will be laid off is unknown.


new company structure has not yet been determined, but there is news that the most likely is that YAHOO will be a global media department and a number of sales department is committed to the global and regional composition, the global media department will accommodate the YAHOO search business and communication. In addition, the restructuring of YAHOO may also have a smaller future innovation sector, the number of employees is about 5>

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