Experts exposed the unspoken rules of the electricity supplier industry said sales data serious wate

Experts exposed the unspoken rules of the electricity supplier industry said sales data serious wate


mall and Suning and Gome have announced price war made great success. Among them, Suning Appliance Victories: achieved the highest daily sales of nearly 300 million yuan, in December is expected to achieve the highest daily sales of 500 million yuan.

for the electricity supplier sales data released, industry observers, Huaqiang North online vice president Gong Wenxiang published on the 21 point of view, the electricity supplier industry sales widespread flooding situation, is no exception. "According to the regulations, the electricity supplier announced sales need to play half off." He said that the current sales of electricity supplier is actually a single amount, and from the order to 50% turnover will be lost.

actual sales need to hit half off

electricity supplier price war gradually subsided, the parties involved in the beginning of the inventory marketing results.

Jingdong mall, said only half a year in August 15th, a large appliance sales exceeded 200 million yuan, the whole day sales exceeded $350 million. also said that the implementation of the outstanding performance of the highest daily sales of nearly 300 million yuan. The United States claimed that 17 officially launched the National more than 1 thousand and 700 stores "break the net price action day than usual sales growth of more than 4 times compared to the overall growth of 415%.

Gong Wenxiang pointed out that the actual sales volume of electricity supplier companies announced orders, in fact, nearly 50% of the final order will not be credited. Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing also said that as a result of the electricity supplier industry is the general evaluation criteria for sales, data fraud has become a common phenomenon in the industry.

in the price war, Jingdong, Suning, Gome three parties have successfully captured the attention of consumers, passenger traffic increased significantly. executive vice president Li Bin introduced, in August 15th, site visits an increase of nearly 10 times. Baidu index also shows that during the price war, the three concerns increased significantly.

flow and conversion closely linked, the electricity supplier industry is more valuable than the current conversion rate." Gong Wenxiang pointed out that foreign conversion rate is higher than 10%, the domestic Jingdong, Dangdang, Taobao to do the best, but the conversion rate is only 3%-5%, in addition to the several outside, the rest of the electricity conversion rate is only 3/1000, which is the reason why the electricity loss.

Gong Wenxiang pointed out that the current domestic electricity supplier is in its early stages, the future conversion rate will gradually increase. Once the industry conversion rate reached 1%, the industry will achieve profitability, but at least 3-5 years.

Suning marketing costs higher than the average level of

he introduced electricity supplier marketing costs for sales of 10%-15%. The electricity supplier price war, in Gong Wenxiang seems to be a low-cost marketing activities.

Jingdong marketing costs are very low, Jingdong mall chairman and CEO Liu Qiangdong said earlier, through micro-blog marketing, the company actually paid only 10 yuan membership fee. Due to the Jingdong in the field of electricity supplier has 8 years of accumulation and influence, the current marketing

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