A spoiler group purchase market CP, and Tencent website agreement

A spoiler group purchase market CP, and Tencent website agreement

had previously launched and rapidly short line group purchase site Gaopeng, yesterday formally announced the establishment of the website, by the world’s largest group purchase website Groupon, the Tencent industry win fund and Yunfeng fund joint venture. Yunfeng fund is co founded by Yu Feng,, Shi Yuzhu, and other corporate PE fund.

"we are still doing the preparatory work for the on-line friends group purchase business." CEO Ouyang cloud Gaopeng send internal messages that, within a month of employees has reached 300 people, but still intense preparation line.

currently Gaopeng has begun to accept the user’s e-mail registration, formal group purchase service will be officially launched in March.

however, it is worth noting that the previous page on-line under high ICP information registered in Beijing yesterday, on-line new page ICP registration has been changed to Shenzhen, and leave contact address is the location of the headquarters of Shenzhen Tencent. In addition, the "First Financial Daily" to provide the site for the record query Gaopeng / license number (ICP number) Guangdong B2-20100347, but failed to find in the letter relating to the registration information, the Department of public query system however, "Guangdong B2-20100347" with the Tencent’s game website 3366.com ICP registration number consistent. Previously, Google has set up a joint venture with ganji.com, and the common use of ganji.com ICP registration number, with the operation of Google China website, then Google was caught in the "voices unlicensed operation", with a year after Google and ganji.com joint venture company received a formal licence for ICP, was able to quell doubts.

ICP card is a license to operate the site, according to the national "Internet management approach" provides that operating sites must apply for ICP card, or it belongs to illegal business.

as of press time, Tencent and Groupon were not on this interpretation.

yesterday, in the Shanghai 98 Creative Park Groupon office continues to interview, has not yet fully completed the renovation of office already overcrowded.

headhunting company told reporters that the recruitment Gaopeng momentum is very aggressive, and now many headhunters have stopped Gaopeng recruitment business, the number of search for Gaopeng recruitment by roughly half, now less than ten. At that time, Groupon intends to increase the total number of Chinese people to 3000 people in the next 3 months. In the pursuit of speed, management confusion became the impression of A.

number and proportion of funds are not good to disclose." Yunfeng fund official said, Yunfeng fund investment is out of good for this industry, the industry will certainly be a successful business.

Yu Feng said that the business model does not need to buy inventory logistics, e-commerce than to make a lot of money to survive. But also for a large number of small and medium enterprises to provide a set of data, accurate, interactive, brand is equal to one of the marketing platform, the future will be more SNS (SOCIAL) >

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