Vertical electricity supplier but also through the SEO kill a way out

Vertical electricity supplier but also through the SEO kill a way out

current electricity supplier rampant era, Tmall, Taobao, Jingdong, Dangdang and so on these giant electricity supplier website, the products involved can basically meet the needs of the public. But, like a lot of vertical electricity supplier is still rapid growth, like the bamboo shoots after a spring rain, or a lot of people want to fight from the electricity supplier a crack in a cup of soup


so the promotion of vertical electricity supplier is a very important issue, brand war is a long-term process. So many of the vertical electricity supplier promotion method is basically SNS and SEO and other methods to promote. Then the vertical electricity supplier but also by SEO "killed" in a way it

next look at the current situation of electricity supplier seo.

first: electricity supplier SEO ranking relative advantage is lower

electricity supplier SEO is a way to save costs, but also need to pay the cost of time. This is believed to be recognized. So here is the main advantage of the performance of the search engine shows the results.

according to the current use of search engine users habits, many users are through the search engine to obtain useful information for a majority, and through the search engine to find products and buy products is relatively low, mainly because many users to buy products first thought is of course that said in front of the giant electricity supplier website so. The search engine according to this characteristic, for keywords ranking is not the same.

For example,

users to search "Crocs" row in front of the website basically is to introduce "Crocs" information or pictures. The user search aimed to understand what is the Crocs or other information about the Crocs. This makes it easier for these users to click on these information websites, the search engine to promote the click algorithm. So ranked in the forefront of the electricity supplier site is rarely ranked, leading to the relative advantage of the electricity supplier SEO bottom.

followed: vertical electricity supplier low trust

when the user search keywords into a never heard of the brand website, the user first reaction is actually why I had never seen this website? Then think this site will not be deceptive? If users don’t trust that basically will turn off the site. This is not a drawback of the brand’s electricity supplier website



well, but also through the vertical electric SEO "kill" a way out? I think you can. Although the electricity supplier SEO ranking relative advantage is low, but can do website content services including product, customer service, customer service, gradually attract more users, improve the user site stickiness, these are good, believe that users love the site, search engine will also love. This slowly improve the electricity supplier SEO advantage is very likely.

other aspects of trust can also be resolved slowly, vertical electricity supplier can do SEO at the same time with the brand marketing, advertising and promotion. Allow users to search through these

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