Enterprise credit transfer activity to start the car easily into a second-hand car electricity suppl

Enterprise credit transfer activity to start the car easily into a second-hand car electricity suppl

recently, by the Ministry of Commerce, the Central Propaganda Department, the national development and Reform Commission, the SASAC and other eighteen departments and units of the 2016 Chinese guidance to support the enterprise credit transfer ceremony cum forum held in Beijing. The national development and Reform Commission macroeconomic management deputy editor Song Chengmin, Chinese International Electronic Commerce Center Credit Research Center Deputy Director and Secretary General Chen Dengli, director of the Organizing Committee China credit transfer Wu Gang and other leaders attended the ceremony and delivered a speech; the industry leading enterprises, economists and media representatives and more than 100 elites gathered in a grand start to witness the "2016 Chinese enterprise credit transfer activities. Car easy to become a second-hand car electricity supplier industry was invited to participate in the enterprise credit transmission of China’s start.

in order to promote the construction of credit system of contemporary China, the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Commerce jointly development and Reform Commission and other departments and units launched the "integrity Xing awareness month, from 2005 onwards, every year in September to carry out a series of activities in the country. As an important component of the implementation of the integrity of the business promotion month, the introduction of China’s corporate credit transfer activities, but also in response to the national call for strengthening the construction of corporate integrity.


participate in the enterprise from the Ministry of commerce market order department (credit office) and the National Association of industry associations linked to the office of the " China’s industry credit rating above a list of enterprises ". China enterprise credit transfer activities each year 20 credit industry leaders, through in-depth excavation of the integrity of the enterprise and the integrity of character, integrity Chinese style display business, explore the combination of traditional and modern standards of integrity has Chinese characteristics, leading more enterprises to participate in the transfer of credit credit activities, to transfer the credit the way to build a new image of integrity, China enterprises, boost the integrity of enterprise groups China rise.

the car is easy to shoot as the second-hand car electricity supplier industry leader, the beginning of the creation of value concept, adhere to the integrity of transparent, efficient and convenient, relying on mobile Internet technology, a breakthrough in the second-hand car trading condition, the price of "two core pain points, second-hand car trading service platform to create a simple, efficient and trustworthy. In the event, the car is easy to shoot Cai Xu and VP from food, energy, finance, Internet, medical, industry representatives in good faith under the solemn oath, establish a good example, and promote the integrity of transfer, carry forward the spirit of good faith, the common practice of "integrity of power" and "good faith" concept.


is the soul of business integrity to Germany, 2016 "Chinese enterprise credit transfer campaign officially started, through online and offline combination of credit transfer mode to transfer the integrity Xing" concept, carry forward the "credit power" spirit, to lead the effect model of integrity to attract the participation of the whole society and the good faith. Transfer of integrity, thus enhance the integrity of the whole society moral standards, vigorously promote social harmony.

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