Thousands of gift cards stolen charge of misappropriation of electricity supplier account security a

Thousands of gift cards stolen charge of misappropriation of electricity supplier account security a

Shop No. 1, "user information leak incident has not cleared, also recently due to the information security work is not in place by the users questioned.

yesterday (June 14th), the user said that the purchase of 10 of its face value of 500 yuan Dangdang gift card, stolen charge theft. In the user request to freeze the account in order to avoid losses, Dangdang customer service in the follow-up process did not freeze the account in time, causing users to suffer losses of about 1000 yuan.

then, the daily economic news reporter called Dangdang, the relevant responsible person said, the matter is being followed up and investigated, the current user account has been frozen, and has informed the user.

IT Zhao Zhanling said in this regard, the legal profession, gift card account number, password to the user registered account cannot be used, there are mainly two kinds: one is the website of the delivery of the gift card itself can not be used; two is a registered account theft resulting in gift cards stolen charge. Therefore, Dangdang should compensate for the loss. Currently, some of the electricity supplier on the user account security is not enough attention, the need to attract industry attention.

users: account security system deposit defects

Dangdang users Lin Yu (a pseudonym) told the daily economic news reporter, which in June 6th to buy 10 copies of the gift card in Dangdang $500. Dangdang Dangdang did not clearly stated when the purchase is a physical card or electronic form to give the card number and password, until June 11th has not received a physical card, only received invoices. It then call customer service, customer service, said in an electronic form, not the mailbox is the account, Lin Yu finally saw 10 cards in the account card number and password.

subsequently, Lin Yu gift card number, password to colleagues, but the accident occurred, these cards can not be used (card number and password does not match). Lin Yugan compact Dangdang Dangdang customer service department, customer service personnel after receiving a complaint that the background to see the card number has been activated in June 10th. After Lin Yu said he was not activated, the customer service staff said there would be no reply later.

June 12th, Lin Yu once again call Dangdang, asked to freeze the card number and account has been activated in order to avoid unnecessary losses. Staff said that after the first treatment, the same as the previous No. Lin Yu call again, but was told that the amount of the card has been used, it is found that the problems of third days.

in this regard, Lin Yu believes that Dangdang as an e-commerce site, there is no good security system in the capital transactions, there is no good security management system, such as the user to confirm. Dangdang’s response mechanism is relatively slow, for the user’s demands can not be timely follow-up, even the user reported the account was stolen, the request to freeze the account, Dangdang can not do.

Dangdang: follow up and investigate

Lin Yu to the daily economic news reporter, said 5000 yuan, after all, is not a decimal, but also reported to the police. Best of all

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