China Resources for CANN certification to become the mainland’s tenth international domain name

China Resources for CANN certification to become the mainland’s tenth international domain name

      from ICANN official website was informed that the Xiamen domain name registration service providers have access to ICANN certification, to become China’s tenth international domain name registrar.

Prior to this, the

provides an international domain name registration services, are obtained by an international domain name registrar WEB.CC Malaysia, an international domain name agents.
      it is understood that the resource was established in 1999, has been to provide domain name registration services for Chinese users. After the ICANN certification, through the resources can be directly registered.Com,.Net and other international top-level domain name.

it is understood that, so far, Chinese, a total of 10 international domain name registration business, they are resources, science and technology, 35, renamed Chinese Xinwanghulian, business Chinese, Chinese million net, 3721, and Xiamen in beijing. Among them, 35 of the Internet and Xiamen proficient in fact is a company, Beijing, the company has not opened the international domain name registration business 3721.

According to the

, to become an international domain name registrar, first through the ICANN certification, and then to VeriSign (commissioned by the ICANN company, responsible for the.Com/.net domain name registration management business) registration interface management company for debugging / relevant domain.

ICANN was founded in October 1998, is a collection of the global network of business, technology and academic experts in various fields of non-profit international organization, responsible for the internet name and address distribution, etc..

won the 10 users of the online domain name registration service provider in mainland China, as follows:

ChinaSource Service Co. Ltd. (Internet) (


ename Co., Ltd.

(renamed China)

35 Technology Co., Ltd. (35)

Beijing Linkage Technology Ltd. (new network interconnection)

Innovative, Inc. (Business China)

HiChina Web Solutions (Hong Kong) Limited (


Inter Network Software (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (3721)


OnlineNIC, Inc. (Xiamen proficiency)


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