618 see Jingdong chess aliexpress overseas market

618 see Jingdong chess aliexpress overseas market

is well known, Ali’s fast selling is the largest foreign trade market in russia. But now there is a new situation, Jingdong are sharpening and aliexpress chess, for the overseas market. It is reported that Jingdong in the 618 anniversary of the official opening of the English language and Russian overseas station two. In the field of cross-border electricity supplier exports, Jingdong as a latecomer, in the battle of the two major electricity supplier platform for overseas markets, we are the best thing is how Jingdong layout overseas market strategy.


1: Jingdong’s product sales model

hand to Jingdong, Jingdong, in the overseas website, or signed a cooperation agreement with the local electricity supplier, through the localization of electricity sales channels; on the other hand, the Jingdong based on the existing domestic partners, through direct mining will China goods on overseas self, self built electricity or electricity supplier website sales cooperation. This model is similar to Amazon from China to buy goods, and then in the u.s..

2, landing B2B mode

Jingdong holds a large number of high-quality Chinese supplier resources, but also contact a number of foreign sales channel resources, so you can quickly supply and demand docking. This model is similar to the U.S. importer of goods from China, and then sold in various channels, such as WAL-MART.


model is a typical export of cross-border electricity supplier, is established by the Jingdong English website or Russian website, inviting Chinese merchants settled through various means of marketing promotion, and attract foreign consumers to buy.

two: Jingdong’s overseas marketing strategy

aliexpress has the advantage of low price, Jingdong internationalization, in accordance with its domestic strategy, emphasis on product quality and fidelity, and the service (especially logistics promotion). Starting from the product and service, Jingdong to take a different road.

in terms of products: shaping the product brand

for the product brand, Jingdong overseas station in order to improve the purchasing experience of overseas buyers, from the beginning, Jingdong overseas station will set up a higher threshold for businesses to set up. But the corresponding Jingdong overseas stations will also take the "brand first" strategy, such as Jingdong and ZTE, Nubian, HUAWEI established a strategic cooperative partnership, these brands have been in the Jingdong English station and the Russian station sales, and to the merchant settled a valid product exposure source.

1, technical marketing

Jingdong overseas stations use big data marketing, key event marketing. Rely on modern marketing tools, technical means to promote the sea market. For example, the use of English website marketing Google marketing, the use of Yandex marketing promotion for the Russian web site.

2, advertising investment

electricity supplier as a giant, large advertising investment is inevitable. Jingdong will invest overseas stations billion level advertising costs, into Beijing >

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