Look at the trend of network marketing Chinese through Ali and civilink

Look at the trend of network marketing Chinese through Ali and civilink

if you want to find a new growth point in China’s Internet, in addition to the general concern of 3G driven mobile network applications, I would like to recommend the most areas of network marketing. As the Internet and the combination of traditional enterprises, the development of network marketing in China has been a faction, the reason is very simple – Chinese traditional enterprises have very distinctive characteristics, such as import and export dependence, the large number of small enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises and the main quality varies greatly, all business activities, the traditional pursuit effect enterprise network knowledge is not rich, the lack of network personnel.

Ma Yun and Alibaba’s success is to cater to the traditional Chinese enterprises (mainly small and medium enterprises) of the current characteristics of the Internet and the needs of SMEs to match. These successes have become the past, the development of network marketing in the country also appeared in the two camps. One is Alibaba, Taobao as the main combination of Ma Department, it is the service is expected to be able to solve the traditional enterprise network marketing program. Another is by the site enterprise, domain name registration, hosting, search, SEO, industry websites, etc., this specialized industry chain around the traditional enterprise website to expand the network marketing services. When we are discussing the development direction will become the mainstream of the times, the acquisition of Alibaba like nets reminds us that at least we can have such a judgment on the future trend of development direction of specialized industrial chain is absolutely can not be ignored.

with the popularity of the Internet, Internet users to improve the degree of dependence on the Internet, the value of the network for traditional enterprises is also becoming increasingly important. 340 million Internet users, representing China’s most purchasing power of consumer groups, any kind of business model can not ignore such a large target groups. Network has become a traditional enterprise is difficult to avoid the field, through the network of their products, services and brand publicity has been accepted by more and more enterprises. However, with the increase in the network marketing investment, how to form the cumulative effect of propaganda it is not difficult to find a website belonging to their own is the basic conditions for traditional enterprises to grasp the initiative of network marketing. In the future of the network marketing activities, the development of network marketing around their own website to promote their own website, the company has become an important part of the brand has become an inevitable trend. Such a trend for the network marketing services specialization, industrialization is also getting higher and higher.

, of course, is not a station mode Ali, Taobao insisted the future does not have the market, after all, Chinese has a huge economic entity, the current network marketing business is less than five percent of the total number of enterprises, network marketing future market space is still very large, not the same pattern have different users and market space. But if you have to say a mainstream word, around the traditional enterprise’s own website to expand the relevant marketing services will be the mainstream.

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