2014 which electricity supplier companies make the most money

2014 which electricity supplier companies make the most money

a, for talent, the scale of the enterprise is currently the most lack of talent, the standard of medium sized electricity supplier business is generally less than thirty million annual sales. From the composition of talent, they lack talent concentrated in the high-end and low-end two. Because in general, their team has been built, or need to improve the current operational level, to a higher level, or need to expand the team, the construction of alternate talent echelon.

two from the job seekers, the recruitment of a total of 58 people to participate in the field job. From the data analysis can be seen, art and operation is the main job, and this we have generally agreed that the conclusions are somewhat different. In the search for work, the operation is not very good to find the right job, art is the talent market is very abundant. Why many companies have been shouting lack of operation and art, I am afraid to reflect on their own recruitment links. It is especially gold customer service customer service and customer service supervisor is scarce in this area also reflects customer service jobs for their own understanding is relatively clear, salary requirements and the market price is basically reasonable, so not too much occupation. As another bright spot is that with the development of the electricity supplier back-end demand for talent began to heat up, we can see that in the data display in programming, to write code for the background and technical personnel began to emerge from the actual effect of recruitment companies are also beginning to see that on the background program personnel on the spot by the enterprise contract. Because with the trend of personalized fashion, especially based on the mall open the shop code for port creative personality, suitable for the industry category interface is in need of these background developers. You know a tall Tmall mall page construction remove daily update and maintenance is not only a template construction market price is more than fifty thousand can fix, especially for the business enterprise brand, visual marketing started from opening the page, this kind of personnel demand will be more and more.


three, always feel this year’s food business category has the momentum of rapid growth, industry data of nearly 100 enterprises from the fair perspective, including FMCG, native products, imported food, food companies are in contact with the electricity supplier, it is worth noting that most of them are food business with years of operating experience under the line of business. Like Ningxia, Dianhong group, red madajie, Fu and other famous enterprises in the. Food industry ranks first in 13. In second place is the women’s enterprises, women as the vanguard of the electricity supplier is still in large, but industry competition intensified expansion at a slower rate, there are 9 companies a total of third participants, the cosmetics category, there are 7 companies participating. As we all know, the higher the rate of cosmetics purchase, higher gross profit. Women’s cosmetics, food, the three category can continue to verify a truth, make women earn good money. Especially online. Who can better pay attention to the needs of female customers who is the future of the electricity supplier winner.


four, some industries without people >

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