Public comment push preferential online payment services flash benefits covering 150 thousand stores

Public comment push preferential online payment services flash benefits covering 150 thousand stores

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news April 21st, city consumer platform public comment today announced, has officially released a new product "flash benefits", users in support of flash service benefits merchants consumption, basically can be completed online directly after discount payment. WeChat and Alipay support flash pay to pay benefits.

business platform public comment and innovative business leader Wang Xugang said, for users, and experience different flash Hui group purchase, unlike the latter need to buy tickets, validation, payment and other processes to complete the change of consumption, flash Hui can be online real-time payment in post consumer.

addition, Wang Xugang pointed out that the group is not the only way to do business for the business, on the contrary, long-term offers may affect the brand value of businesses. Flash allows businesses to flexibly configure the full reduction, discounts and other different forms of marketing, you can choose to offer concessions at different times, as well as to help save coupons, collect change time, improve operational efficiency.


allows merchants to flexibly configure various preferential services, Hui merchants support flash there is part of the consumer can enjoy preferential, some is not the case, Wang Xugang said, the next will upgrade products, to achieve the user on the same page to complete the discount amount and no discount payment.

up to now, the country’s 160 cities a total of more than 15 stores to support flash benefits, most of them catering businesses. Public comment CEO Zhang Tao said it would start in the near future to increase the promotion of flash, covering other categories of businesses.

Zhang Tao said, flash and buy by the trading platform division operations, the purpose is to increase the amount of user transactions by pulling, thereby enhancing the income from the effect of advertising. He stressed that the revenue contribution of public comment mainly comes from the effect of advertising, including flash, Hui, group purchase reservations and other services including all product form, not by commission mode, but the cost of advertising service fee model.

he also pointed out that the flash – and group purchase is parallel, two scenarios are there is demand, which belongs to the group purchase vouchers and prepaid mode, direct payment mode and offline consumption can be favored to replace flash slowly. He believes that the combination of the two will be the future direction of development.

Wang Xugang added, although the payment card line also offers discounts preferential services, consumer behavior of credit card payment but unable to track the user, based on the flash Hui can develop big data products, help businesses around the user consumption habits to launch more marketing or service.

The official public comment

data display, as of the first quarter of this year, the number of monthly active users over 200 million, the number of businesses included more than 1400 million, covering more than 2 thousand and 500 city and the United States, Japan, France and other hundreds of popular tourist countries and regions. Zhang Tao pointed out that, in the collection of 14 million businesses, 70 of thousands of public comment and cooperation, in cooperation with the O2O platform accounted for 100 of the 70% merchants, including cooperation with the launch of the public comment vouchers > 20 of thousands of merchants

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