Encounter Google alliance advertising was malicious Click

Encounter Google alliance advertising was malicious Click

that was just standing there for a while, I heard that the Google alliance is the best advertising alliance on the Internet, so at that time to do their own garbage station to apply for the launch of the Google alliance advertising. One day, when you look at your GG background, was surprised to find that there is a channel was malicious click on the GG ads, a total of 13 clicks, and produced nearly a dollar advertising costs. The channel of the page is less, a total of 9 times before the show, so it is obvious that the malicious click.

first encountered such a situation, but not yourself, your heart is not ashamed. However, seriously, to find the relevant content on the Internet and found that there is no need to worry, Google said the click payment system can automatically monitor malicious clicks. This is the era to win a press release "Google said advertising click malicious abstract" very little, so a word "online search giant Google said PPC system can automatically monitor the malicious click", the article content is all English, estimated to be reproduced in Google website content. Just think, Google’s anti cheating system so advanced, to deal with other people’s malicious clicks will be so confused?.

my family is a small station, station, every day hundreds of thousands of millions of traffic, there are many people who are more malevolent, there is no guarantee that people will not do such a bad thing, if somebody had come click Delete number, who do Google alliance. Let someone else go!

second days, I still give a letter to Google group, explained in detail the situation, second days, Google group received a reply letter, let me too can be assured that I put Google as long as there is no violation of planning policy, will not just delete the number, click for the others, Google’s own judgment. At that time, my account advertising costs have been almost as fast as the amount of payment, or a little bit of worry, if the number is deleted, then put on the Google, as well as the confidence to do stand will be greatly frustrated.

fortunately, soon, I still received the Google alliance advertising, one hundred dollars, so I finally feel with his personal experience, Google alliance or reputable online, not some stationmaster said so black, of course, there is a premise, you must not violate the Google alliance policy plan, get down do stand, just like money, behave like


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