Store teach you how to refine the Taobao baby selling point

Store teach you how to refine the Taobao baby selling point

businesses in Taobao Tmall upload goods, you can extract the baby’s selling point, easy buyers search. And the rules on the selling points, each platform is not the same. Taobao can extract up to 150 words, Tmall is only allowed to refine the text of the 5 paragraphs, and the total number of words up to 45 words.

will extract the businesses in selling goods through the store to pre release information, after all the goods batch to the shops for sale.


problem comes, since the platform has a restriction on the number of words, then how can the words in the provisions of a clear description of the baby’s selling point, in order to impress the buyer?

first of all to make it clear that people who are the consumer of your goods, also known as the target audience". In fact, the positioning on the "target customers", Taobao is to provide relevant tools, can through the Taobao search keywords index, buyers, to clearly describe your goods "target customers" portraits, including gender, age, level of consumption etc.. Only for your target audience, the more clear the description, the refining of the selling points can be more precise.

know your home target group, the next thing to do is to tap the pain points of the customer group. This depends on the head but can not think of it, shoot the pain out of the head, but you think the pain point. The real pain points, in constant communication and buyers in order to ferret out.

, for example, when the buyer inquiry, they raised the problem, often it may be their point of pain, that is, you need to extract the core selling points of goods. Of course, in addition to chat records, you can also refer to the detailed page competing products, to see how people are refining, to learn from the point of view of their pain points. We are a novice it, copy the advanced copy, no shame.

other selling points refining method, it is necessary to take into account the details. "Collection of gifts", "time limit" can be added. Then some numbers, such as "7 days effect" "free maintenance for the past 3 years" and so on, can cause the attention of buyers, but also can effectively form memory.

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