Alipay running twelve user group to expand the aunt groups

Alipay running twelve user group to expand the aunt groups

the morning of December 12th, Shanghai, a supermarket checkout has been waiting in a queue. A group of fifty years old uncle aunt, staffing a smart mobile phone, anxiously waiting for the final "sweep".

looked from behind them, rows of looted shelves.

this day, Alipay users easily extended to "aunt groups". Alibaba announced that the two on the same day, in the country of nearly 100 brands, about 2 stores, using Alipay wallet payment customers enjoy half off discount, covering restaurants, desserts, bakery, supermarkets, convenience stores and many other places of daily consumption.

The latest statistics

"First Financial Daily" reporters from display, twelve Taobao wireless total turnover accounted for more than 45.8%, than ten mobile terminal accounted for 42.6% of the caliber to further enhance.

it is worth mentioning that, although compared to the single line business leader UnionPay, Alipay online at the lower end of the volume is still a slight gap, but twelve hot scene could not help but let the outside world pay for both triggered at any moment of the line battle adding the trimmings.

but Ali aspects of this attitude is low-key, low-key, low-key, try to dilute the competition with the cup color. Alipay 14 stakeholders did not respond positively to "a number of issues related to the first financial daily" the reporter asked, only said "we just do not want to engage in activities, and China UnionPay to grab business".

made a different twelve

nothing can stop, aunt who are looking for cheap. Overnight, abandoned aunt square dance, forget the price, they borrowed the sons and daughters of the intelligent mobile phone, Alipay night cramming operation, early in the morning to various shopping sites.

finally, the aunt who saw the settlement amount on the phone, revealing a satisfactory smile. Alipay also through this action successfully burn great in strength and impetus, started the first shot on line payment".

"did not think of uncle aunt who use Alipay wallet." In the work of miss Shanghai "First Financial Daily" the reporter said, the 12 day after work, she wanted to "dip Ma Yun light" to buy snacks, who want to build the middle laiyifen doorway lined up hundreds of lines; but fought home in front of the ngs, the door has also been designed in maintenance order, etc. She squeezed into a look, is holding a smart mobile phone uncle aunt.

the same day, similar scenarios are also staged in Beijing, Guangzhou and other cities. 12 day morning at 7, the convenience stores in the country’s big cities are full of people. Only 85 C alone sold more than 400 thousand bread, energy-saving sold more than 400 thousand bottles of milk. As of 12 noon that day, the number of pen to pay more than 2 million 200 thousand pen.

enjoy pizza hut in the exclusive (single preferential half price ceiling of 50 yuan) of the Shanghai area, the "First Financial Daily" reporter at dinner in a Yangpu District.

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