10000 free single will double the 11 United States online on the 10 day of 0 hot open

10000 free single will double the 11 United States online on the 10 day of 0 hot open

this year, double 11 what is the new play more than half off, the first scheduled, burst purchase single leak,…… For consumers who are concerned about 11 per year, these games are no longer fresh. Many electricity providers are racking their brains to try new gameplay. Compared with the last play, the United States online universal free single play create new styles in November 10th of 0 officially opened, 11 double panic buying craze, a total of three days will be released nearly 10000 free single opportunity, including import goods free and single pool shop free single, single free single opportunity to the highest 4999 yuan from. "National free single activities will undoubtedly become the most attractive activities this year 11, in addition, the United States also launched online" fight the highest award 11111 yuan, gold single "ice wash air as full minus one hundred thousand million items and coupons," 50 percent off "activities, concessions to other electricity providers seckill.


the United States online free single action is the starting point of consumers in the most fancy is "double 11 online shopping Carnival" early adopters "experience, and free just to meet the consumer’s online shopping psychology. The specific method of play free single event for November 10th, 11 days, 12 days for three consecutive days at 0 on time to open a free single event, every night before 50 Gome’s online consumers to buy proprietary goods to get free single opportunity, below the amount of free single orders, order amount is higher than that of direct reduction, free single amount of orders from 4999 yuan. At the same time, starting at 0 every night, the more than 3 thousand associates shop will also be involved in the first single free activities.

During the

event, the United States online free single user list will be announced 10 days ago. According to the rules of the United States online activities, consumers during the 0 to 1 points a day and complete the online payment can participate in a single activity, ranking according to the order of time to sort. Self goods less than a single amount of orders, direct reduction of the amount of orders, higher than the single amount of the order is free of 4999 yuan. Get free single opportunity consumers will refund the cash received in 7-10 working days after orders tuotou (need to deduct 20% tax) or account back to equal cash coupons.

it is understood that, as early as October 28th, Gome online in the opener of 11 free single double blowing wind, causing a large number of media and consumer attention. According to the United States online data released on the evening of 28, the top 50 users to buy the United States online import goods and successfully grab free single chance in 33 to grab the maximum discount of 4999 yuan, free single commodity is mainly household appliances, digital and other higher price of goods, of which about 20 of users not only get on the market at present iPhone6 is very tight, but also lucky to get free. October 29th to 11, during the period of 9 days, the United States on the line every day there are self exempt goods a single opportunity to sell goods by 11.

dual 11 major electricity supplier in manufacturing all kinds of gimmicks to attract consumer attention, Gome online is the double 11 consumer panic buying experience at the same time, in order to avoid single activities so that consumers really feel the joy and surprise of the double 11 online shopping. Double 11 nearly 10000 free single will come to consumers

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