The first net credit platform can check on-line net goods authenticity

The first net credit platform can check on-line net goods authenticity


The first batch of 26 well-known enterprises including,


in the dream bazaar

true sense, goods not board, rights difficult, is placed in front of consumers online shopping market 3. How do? Yesterday, the first net credit platform by the Guangdong Provincial Association of network operators, the provincial industrial and commercial bureau of intellectual property rights and put together ( officially launched, consumers can query through the platform of product information, apply for compensation, reliable assessment of the degree of the seller.

is the first to participate in the network credit platform is a total of 26 enterprises, in these networks if consumers buy products not satisfied, through this platform can be guaranteed to get a refund.


platform available merchandise authorization network

fact, knockoff rampant, is the major shopping platform is a headache. The first half of this year, tort commodity information 47 million, among them, only the bestseller fashion (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. sales of counterfeit JACK& JONES, delete more than 70 thousand.

in the credit platform, consumers can not only find the main business of the enterprise information, but also a detailed understanding of the brand, service commitments, as well as the purchase of genuine goods channels and other information.

according to the reporter, the information on the credit platform, in addition to their own business to fill in the content, as well as the audit information from the business sector and other departments.

at least allow consumers to get a refund

Another advantage of

credit platform is that buyers can directly rights through the platform, back to the purchase price and freight.

in recent years, the rapid growth of online shopping complaints. Last year, the Guangzhou Consumer Council received a total of 3818 complaints and advice on the sale of non stores, which received complaints of 1097, an increase of 300%. Shoddy goods online shopping, inconsistent with the physical is focus on the issue of consumer complaints. However, due to the cross regional shopping and other reasons, it is very difficult for consumers to rights.

credit platform may solve this problem." Huang Zirong said that in the consumer credit platform on the complaint information, will be accepted by the Consumer Council and the association of Guangdong province network. Moreover, at least to ensure that consumers get a refund.

is reported to participate in the credit seller, must set up a special account for the first payment. If consumers are not satisfied with the purchase of the product, you can fill in the form on the platform for claims. The platform will immediately transfer the buyer’s application to the seller, if the two sides have not yet reached a settlement within 7 days, the platform will automatically assign funds from the account to consumers. Moreover, credit platform requires the seller must be within 5 working days to complete the payment. "If a network in a short period of time to pay a large sum of money, we will ask the Commission, industry and commerce, quality inspection departments involved in the investigation." Huang Zirong says. < >

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