Company Taobao mall Amoy out small sellers how to face

Company Taobao mall Amoy out small sellers how to face

recently, for Taobao mall is about to separate news has appeared in various well-known websites, and re registered the domain name company found that the domain name has been resolved to the Taobao mall website, although the Taobao looks so low-key but easy to search found rectification, Ma this movement was marvelous to separate out the Taobao B2C vertical in the brand business, e-commerce operations and Baidu cool days and VANCL a showdown, this is a seemingly ordinary but war is the face of Taobao has started to do one thing under cover of another, independent B2C business, seems to be far away from the traditional C2C, that day about six thousand newly opened the main store and how to face to decide on what path to follow? Taobao’s small sellers? Give up? Or difficulties on


company believes that Taobao mall business is not to separate small sellers a deliberately hit, but a better way to inspire Taobao traditional C2C entrepreneurs, small sellers when we do a certain time, they can also put a small shops to become bigger and stronger, and their development join the brand, Taobao mall is more conducive to do network e-commerce business, we need to do now is to grasp the nettle.

first of all we have to do is as soon as possible to improve their quality of service shop, the internal search rules have been adjusted, that is no longer in accordance with the baby come under the framework of the scheduled time to search order, now more is to consider the overall quality of the owner of the store, such as your service quality, favorable rate, complaints etc., which means that Taobao began to evaluate a shop at quality does not have you drilled or crown. The business can not figure money, to do, to improve the quality of service, repeat it more, is not difficult to do business.

secondly, to ensure the quality of goods. Taobao has too many small sellers with a heart of entrepreneurship to shop, Taobao mall operating independently in the form and has simple C2C apart. The model is not the same, like a bulk is a street, one is a new independent decoration shop facade, of course if small sellers can guarantee the quality of their goods business intentions, one day can also be stationed Taobao mall, become a big seller.

this last point, perhaps for small sellers is not an easy thing, is to use Taobao’s marketing tools, such as Taobao train, diamond booth, and Taobao Pu Standard Version, extended version and so on, although these are expensive, as Taobao announced it is free, but since the shop in this platform, people are making rules, should follow to play for the newly opened shop owner, money is indeed a problem, but the company found that, as long as it is to identify the key words, control the daily advertising costs, the effect is still there, then that’s easy to try, will become more skilled, this is the business, no little courage, is not to see the effect. There is the use of Taobao customers can help you do promotion, according to

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