Where is the registered fall out of the value of PR meters

Where is the registered fall out of the value of PR meters


This figure is above

released recently I toss expired domain name, a 5, there are PR, but are not included, as for how to do this PR is then registered this domain name can make nothing of it, what is the value of


below I stand on my own registered position to give you a small sum of

1, SEO value


will reduce, but you can see through the domain name for some webmaster tools, you can find the original domain related keywords, and then optimize for these keywords, because the PR value is true, how to optimize the SEO will help, but in the next update before, must make the appropriate PR link and to ensure that PR will not fall off, the optimization of website links for further play around.

2, PR value


domain name is "out", but before the name fell out of the chain must have certain quality, this is the value of the webmaster tools to confirm the value chain, see what kind of website, list of high quality website, grab note to domain name do the new station, and then those valuable website contact, retain the original high quality the chain will not be deleted, on the basis of this, a little bit more. The new chain, PR again rising opportunities still exist.

3, domain name value

"off" out of the domain name, based on our actual renewal, a year of life and increase, coupled with the help of PR, whether the site has high weight influence; these are the original domain name register, carefully selected, length and memory difficulty will be very low, there are many excellent keywords, the optimization of website is absolutely harmless.

overall value is not large, the key to see how the owners themselves, as well as the diamond is definitely a good craftsman to polish, the existence of the value of these fall out of the domain name, to see the actual operation of us, hope that the majority of registered expired CN meters of rice farmers were able to in the vast sea of rice in fishing to meters, and make it more valuable in their own hands.

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