Look at the grass root nternet Co how to play twelve!

Look at the grass root nternet Co how to play twelve!

"double eleven" shopping frenzy lingering unfinished, the pace of twelve Carnival has come in two evolved into a major Internet platform to grab wars at the same time, has become a national Carnival feast, we take a look at grass root Internet Co how to run twelve


thanks to the vast number of new and old customers the support and love, Xi’an COOSKIN network company followed by the electricity supplier in the tide of "shuangshier", 12 dollars and 1 cents 2 cents bloodletting preferential for the company’s main product launch. Activity was announced, the staff have exclaimed "fuck, boss is mad", in this regard, the reporter a telephone connection the Internet Co’s total total Qi Qi, the answer is this: "as the first in Shaanxi to the effect of marketing as the core of the Internet marketing company, the company gathered a group of young and vibrant grass root at twelve, the arrival of the management after the discussion finally made the Internet promotion activities, its purpose is to tell the majority of business owners, do you dare not only marketing on the Internet, you can not do without".

The future of

enterprises do network marketing should focus on "word-of-mouth publicity, creative planning, interactive marketing, data analysis and other channels, and our COOSKIN network’s flagship brand" net win express "through the promotion of marketing data to existing customers, is the integration of a set of Internet marketing for the majority of enterprises do network integration the feasible way of marketing


offers: 12.12 yuan in the construction of bloodletting marketing website

two: 12.12 yuan preferential bloodletting experience E-imc network integrated marketing package

three discount: 12.12 yuan to build by the mobile terminal WeChat marketing platform


network planning of this activity is to allow more enterprises to experience the COOSKIN network marketing services in the service for enterprises to "network marketing", the real for enterprises to achieve a "make money online" in order to achieve win-win cooperation, to large.

"double 12" activities of the starting point is not only to the impact of the performance, more is to display the "service", highlight the COOSKIN network in the "effect" in the contrast characteristics, more enterprises in the "service", this is the real purpose of this activity. COOSKIN network official website (www.webkuaiche.com)

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