Treasure network Li Song social networking sites will be vertical

Treasure network Li Song social networking sites will be vertical

November 2nd news, Internet Conference on the first day, cherish the founder of the network Li Song accepted the NetEase science and technology interview. Li Song said that the future of social networking sites will be vertical.

really inside this area there have been several big, but I think the trend of the future, like now online club, according to different age, different occupation, different interests, will lead to vertical."

Li Song is also the founder of the micro-blog website muttering network. For the portal site into micro-blog, said Li Song will go and muttering network portal differentiated road. We do not do news sharing oriented, but to entertainment, life oriented, so the future may be associated with the game, music collection."

Li Song said, muttering network has launched the game, "a good response, will also launch music related products in the future. For micro-blog’s prospects for development in China, Li Song believes that because of the huge amount of mobile phone users in China, the future will be the same as the end of the Chinese mobile phone and PC important, very optimistic about the prospects of micro blog."

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