Wenzhou one hundred see online shopping mall formally launched

Wenzhou one hundred see online shopping mall formally launched

news December 31st   one hundred at the shopping mall officially launched, this declaration of our country and is attentive and the most pure B2C website was born, according to the owners said, e-commerce platform, the website dedicated to create the largest scale of clothing and footwear products B2C platform.

                rapid development in today’s world of electronic networks, communications and information technology, Internet is popularized around the world, making the modern commercial with increasing supply capacity, increasing customer demand and the growing global competition three characteristics. In this new trend, the network mall as a commercial organization, will change their organization structure and mode of operation to adapt to the needs of customers.

at present, China’s Internet users has reached 1 million 175 thousand, the number of Chinese companies have their own domain name on the Internet has more than 480 thousand. According to a recent survey by the China Internet Network Information Center, 71.8% of Internet users are eager to shop online. Online shopping has a huge potential market, coupled with China has done a lot of work in e-commerce, these beneficial exploration has greatly promoted the development of e-commerce in china.

can be said that a successful e-commerce organization must provide a satisfactory and meaningful experience to the customer. One hundred see the online shopping platform is the development trend of China in electronic commerce, customer first business philosophy, with customers, partners, employees and win-win for the enterprise core, e-commerce enterprises do China consumers are most satisfied with the online shopping brand for the company under the advocacy of the rapid rise of the target.

in shopping, one hundred to see the customer feel, the company not only to provide customers with the necessary products, but also to provide additional benefits to customers. Including: to provide quality services to customers; provide personal services such as the purchase of personal advice, and special offers to the customers; provide a sense of community such as the establishment of chat rooms, discussion boards, and give the customer customer loyalty plan; to provide electronic personal services, based on customer preferences, to provide individual service, so that customers feel and experience different the customers have a comprehensive experience; provide self-service service including all product information, cross sell information, consult the replacement products, supplies and accessories selection.

One hundred see

shopping mall (www.ebaykk.com) company grand opening soon, during the opening, great Rangli activities to the customer. During the period January 1, 2010 to January 7th, where the company purchased the product of 300 yuan, will be given a gift of the company’s $100 coupons. The audience is free shipping, 30 days unconditional return, one thousand city National door-to-door, new year’s day opening day shopping can become a member of VIP and other activities. Really convenient for customers, and customer win-win. In one hundred look at the mall shopping customer friends, will see the mall is in

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