How to survive in the Juhuasuan sellers in the sword

How to survive in the Juhuasuan sellers in the sword

[six years]

six years of time can change a lot of things, can let a person become sophisticated from ignorant. Can let a person from obscurity, to light and heat. Regardless of success or failure, for six years, are enough to make us precipitation. Now the arena is by four, separatist warlords. We are small sellers, may not affect the situation, but about our own. Our predecessors such as Hengdao immediately, how can people willing to post.

now happy son shot, Yitian sword, will be swept through the eight party. We have to do is waiting for the right time. What is the time? The situation under the maneuver force. At the right time, put everything into action. Who is not arrogance, not hungry loser! Gone without dignity, you have any means possible to play, I am afraid it is too late.

we must remember that pay is not equal to success. To give is to give time, to gain experience. Is experience a success or a failure? I don’t think there is a standard to define it. What is success? I want to go to Taishan to see the magnificent sunrise. I went, and I saw it, and that’s how it works. What is failure? I think failure is more difficult to define than success. If a man falls down, he stands up again. According to this theory, the failure is lost and the fight will lost the life together is a failure. So I think we are very lucky and happy. Because we have not failed, we are still struggling, and success depends on your own definition.


when we were young, we carried our bags to school on the first day. After graduation we stepped into the society, this is a career path. We get home after work, this is the way home. Put your heart into practice, this is the road to entrepreneurship. Our story may be from the beginning, before contact with Taobao, it has been very worship of ma. Sometimes I would like to think that his life should be regarded as a legend!

now I have entered into this arena, like to see some announcements and information. Because you can learn, you can understand the situation. Now the bigwigs shot again, there is no chance we can soar, will, come on. But in the fly before, to understand the way! This is the priority among priorities, is not a trifling matter. Passion does not mean impulse!


[integrated resources]

if you at this time, a lot of resources, but also very messy. So I think it’s time to sort it out, rich in resources is a good thing, but clutter will be bad. Of course, unless you want to do the grocery store it’s different personality. However, from the point of view of the brand, from the point of view of saving resources, reasonable collocation is very important.

these are not empty words, look at those around the success of the store, or have already been successful. Their commonality is less and better. Of course, this is just a theoretical analysis

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