Taobao buy navigation to do a heavy bomb is about to explode

Taobao buy navigation to do a heavy bomb is about to explode

Ma Yun, a series of statements at the shareholders’ meeting in Hongkong, in fact, to convey to the people they are doing B2B transformation of this signal. In a series of initiatives, Alipay B2C business Taobao mall independent from group after the Alibaba plans to put the most popular group purchase business integration line.

The so-called

group purchase business integration mainly has the following two contents, one, "Juhuasuan" was renamed "Taobao group purchase", continue to work with the high quality Taobao push real sellers two, group purchase group purchase; do platform, is a way of making a number of strong group purchase website to Taobao in the form of sellers settled Taobao, users purchase and payment through Taobao’s way to complete, and do not need to enter the respective page group purchase website.

believes that this will be a deep chill to other group purchase navigation website Taobao! This information platform group purchase very explosive

!Everybody knows

is selling digital fraud group purchase most people criticized, payment cannot be returned to the user’s online banking or Alipay, and can not be informed of the credibility of the group purchase website three big problems. Because he is can modify the group purchase website sales figures, although they can give the user a refund, but the refund money just to users in the final group purchase website account, not to the user’s online banking or alipay. The quality of the group purchase group purchase website, the level of credit, the netizen is difficult to judge! Although also set up a group purchase group purchase navigation complaints plate, but these complaints are odd, not summary, and these complaints and evaluation have no way to change into a glance reputation value, which leads to in front of the users is difficult to judge the credibility of the group purchase website appeared.

now Taobao directly to each group purchase website basically is incorporated into the above problems to solve. Alipay and Taobao are a group purchase payment in Taobao, then the users want to refund money while you can call directly to Alipay, users can also group purchase quality evaluation, we can know which group purchase website good reputation which is worse. More importantly, there is no way to buy the site digital fraud can not do fake buy becomes more real, users can get the real buy data to determine the value of this group. With a word summary is: Taobao buy platform once on the line, the basic solution to buy the industry’s digital fraud, refund and reputation evaluation problem, which is very attractive to users!

compared with the Taobao group purchase group purchase navigation navigation mode, general still stays in the information gathering stage, still need to enter the group purchase website of respective interface for users to buy products or services, purchase, payment and group purchase navigation. Buy navigation business model also stay in traffic sharing and advertising promotion, but also in the payment and buy credit for users to provide better service. Therefore, the major Group buy navigation site has been able to get traffic because of the emergence of the emergence of Taobao buy platform level varies

in the face of Taobao’s move, the face of Taobao this weapon, buy >

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