She flashed 90 weapon Jing Bairan street to do endorsements

She flashed 90 weapon Jing Bairan street to do endorsements


] June 23rd news billion state power network, 90 mobile sale platform clearly street today announced the signing of Jing Bairan, the spokesman for the brand, and will release a new Slogan – "new beautiful".


Jing Bairan according to billion state power network to understand, the signing of Jing Bairan is clearly the first sign street brand spokesperson, Jing Bairan is also the first domestic brand endorsement. By the time the film will be shot by Jing Bairan in Jiangsu, Hunan, Zhejiang, three major TV synchronization start.

street as vice president Monck said: "clearly street have been focused on providing mobile shopping service is the most fashionable for 90 young consumers, the choice of Jing Bairan as a spokesperson, are very fit on the platform positioning and brand image."

Monck also told billion state power network, chose Jing Bairan as its brand spokesperson, because Jing Bairan sun whims has always been popular, he also not humble and considerate. In addition, he is wearing a dress with a fashion consultant reputation. These features are fully in line with the promise of the clear brand spokesperson, can convey the clear street youth, fashion, quality brand image."

also learned billion state power network, so the release of the new Slogan Street: "buy the beautiful", intent to transfer user not only to buy, but also buy the beautiful "concept, in the upgrading of consumption at the same time, to guide the user" smart consumer".

In addition to

, when it comes to Monck Street brand strategy, also said that the brand is only the beginning of the spokesperson, then the street will be clear diversification strategy, more emphasis on cooperation with the entertainment content.

it is reported that by the end of 2014, before the street to clear shopping information App mode of strategic adjustment, through the construction of their own platform for the transaction chain, complete the transformation from the shopping guide platform to the electronic business platform. In May this year, clear street completely give up the PC side electricity supplier platform.

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