Taobao Tmall! Part of the shop is now bizarre text pictures

Taobao Tmall! Part of the shop is now bizarre text pictures

[April 27th] billion state power network news, yesterday evening, there are some Taobao and Tmall shop sellers reflect some rather baffling words and pictures, suspected attack:




part of the Taobao shop merchandise page

sellers said the shop did not sell electronic components, these pictures are purely random".

most of the pictures are all displayed a "China digital store" watermark, billion state power network login Tmall search this store, the store does exist, and the franchise products are electronic components, the operator is Shenzhen Huahang Electronic Co. ltd..


Part of the Tmall

sellers to billion state power network feedback, picture library problems, the normal operation of other background.


seller group discussion

there are sellers joked that this is a product of hard advertising insert it is very powerful!



billion state power network found that micro-blog users also said that this phenomenon is encountered when visiting the Taobao


phone Taobao is no exception……


as of press time ago, Taobao, Tmall official has not yet responded to the matter.

however, according billion state power network understanding, at present most of the shop page has returned to normal.

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