Guy online shopping inflatable doll was cheated 3200 yuan police and cheated by the 6800

Guy online shopping inflatable doll was cheated 3200 yuan police and cheated by the 6800

[Abstract] Xu has been reported to the police station, the police are further investigation.

talking about this, Xu Xu’s face suddenly red.

two days ago, who lives in Hangzhou Ding Qiao Xu suddenly want to buy an inflatable doll. This thing is not good publicity, so he found on the internet. Among the many options, he saw a favorite doll, contact the seller. The seller said the first payment and then shipped, Xu Xu did not want to pay. But request the other party to provide express order, the seller said no. Xu would like to call the police, I did not expect, he found on the Internet, was actually a fake police network…… The two time, a total loss of nearly 10 thousand yuan.

a lonely excited

want to buy a girlfriend, cheated

small Xu was only 19 years old, compared to the house, sometimes it will be lonely". More than 6 points in the evening of November 18th, a small online browsing some let him exciting content, prompted by a sudden impulse.

a little thought, no girlfriend, but you can buy a doll! He went to Ding bridge a supermarket around the supermarket, but no "doll" to sell, and so many people, even if there is to buy directly feel shy. Xu Xu open the phone on the Internet to search for adult supplies, click on the first link, began to carefully select inflatable doll. Finally he chose a favorite, to 2000 yuan. Products with the seller’s phone number, Xu Xu gave the other side to make a phone call.

seller told Xiao Xu, take the money to Alipay, will be shipped. "Just begin to pay 200 yuan deposit, but later he asked me to transfer money to the name, I did not think, to give each other 5 times, a total of 3200 yuan to him, the extra 1200 yuan, the seller said after the arrival will be returned to me."


purchase is completed, a little excited to ask what time the seller can arrive, if you can provide a delivery courier number. I did not expect the seller said, our rules are not providing the number. A little heart thumped, enthusiasm was immediately extinguished, then he realized that he cheated


embarrassed to find the police station

would like to alarm on the Internet, and cheated

cheated 3200 yuan, small Xu heart is not willing. But he felt that he was cheated because of adult supplies, embarrassed to find the police station directly. So he searched the internet police, after some effort, Xu Xu added a QQ nickname for the network police reporting center number.

small Xu himself just online shopping inflatable doll cheated with the network police said in detail again. After listening to the network police said Xu Xu, after our investigation, liar account has been frozen.

small Xu said: "later" police "gave me a call, code is in Beijing. ‘net police’ said, let me hit 6800 yuan margin in the past, if things are true, they will 6>

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